1980 Bradley GT II e

Winning bid: US $800.00

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Funnybug sez:

whats with those yellow wheels?

Ebay Description:

Bradley GTIIE project: This car had been running with gas power (?!) with a type 4 motor. I purchased It to get the motor for a friend's bus. It does not have an electric motor or controller or batteries. It does have a very good IRS 1969 Beetle pan ser# 1191006131 with a good transmission, brakes and steering (and windshield- a problem part). The suspension is beefed up front and rear to handle the weight of the batteries. The original gauge set for electric power is included, as are the original Western turbine-style wheels with excellent Michelin X 205/14/80 tires. It needs to be completed, refurbished and have bodywork done- the back panel had been cut out preparatory to customising. (the stock rear view was one of the weaker styling elements anyway- in my opinion!) I do not have a title, but am told that it would be easy to obtain from the DOT, since the car already has a Colorado assigned VIN# -street legal as a Bradley, on that chassis. I will provide a bill of sale. NOTE:This is a project!!! There is no warranty!!! it is not running!!!

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