1977 Replica/Kit Makes GT II

Winning bid: US $5,000

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Another electric!


Ebay Description:

This is an EV project for sale to be completed by the buyer. The car body is a 1977 Bradley GT-II, I have the original manual and buyer information. The buyer information includes the “title of origination” for the car body and receipts from the original buyer of the body. The car has a titled for the frame from a 1971 Volkswagen but that’s only where it begins. The car has been restored or modified from the frame up. I have over $8,000 in new or rebuilt parts and few hundred hours working on the restoration / EV conversation. VIN # 111203114

This car has the following:

A large series DC motor from a Caterpillar tow truck, 92 volt, 4000 RPM, continuous rating, completely rebuilt. (this will run the car in excess of 100 MPH). - New Kelly Controller rated at 144 volts, mounted on an aluminum plate. - New 400 amp contactor - New 400 amp fuse - New 144 Volt charger - New 400 amp reversing contactor - DC to DC converter (144Vdc to 24Vdc) - New horn - New tires Goodrich - New American Racing Rims 14” - New front brake conversion to disc brakes - New rear brake conversion to disc brakes - New spring assist front in shocks, for battery weight - New air shocks in the rear, for battery weight - One piece aluminum plate covering the bottom of the car. - New paint, Toyoda “Absolute Red” - New but original windshield for found in New Mexico (one of two in the USA) - New head lights and running lights - Original Bradley GT II manual - Original Bradley GT II bill of sale - Original Bradley GT II wiring diagram - Material for upholstering - New upholstering some cut and fitted, but needs finished. - Frame painted - Motor coupling - Motor mounting bracket to existing transmission - MW520 Mobile computer with touch screen. - New transaxle boots What is required to finish: - Repair of the old seats (easier to install racing seats). - Car to be wired - Need the batteries - The side windows will need replaced, but I have the old one for reference. - Additional reassembly, mounting doors and door latches - Air lifts for the doors, back window and back hatch

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