1976 Replica/Kit Makes Bradley GT

Winning bid: US $1,330.56

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someone got a really good deal on this.

EBAY Description:

Ended: May 25, 2014
Item location: Worcester, Massachusetts

This Bradley GT is built on a 1976 Volkswagen Beetle platform, which was one of the last and most desirable platforms to build on as it offered better handling and performance. This Bradley GT is a vehicle that runs well and is driven on nice days. Most often IF you find a remaining Bradley GT they are not able to be driven so this is a project that you can drive and enjoy while you work on it. To bring the car back to its glory it will need body and paintwork, interior work, some attention to the electronics, and anything else a new owner would deem necessary for the level of restoration they desire. I have the contact information of the manufacturer who is making the side and rear windows so these can be purchased and replaced new. I do not have the rear window, I have the 2 side windows but they should likely be replaced in my opinion, I have 1 complete top piece and 1 broken top piece. I would recommend a new owner just have the manufacturer of these make a new set.

Mechanically the car runs and drives. The brakes function but may need bleeding, the headlights operate, the brake lights operate, the turn signals operate, the horn operates, and all the gauges function. The driver's side floor pan has some areas that need repaired see picture. The mileage is not the actual mileage it is unknown to me. The windshield has some fogging and alignment issues and in my opinion I would replace.

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