1976 Bradley GT Volkswagen Kit Car 1 Owner Sports Car Orig Paperwork 1968 VW Pan

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Here is a unique opportunity to own an untouched flashback from the 1970's. I have a 1976 Bradley GT kit car that was built on a 1968 Volkswagen Beetle pan (VIN number on the Florida title is for the 1968 VW Pan). This car is basically a 'barn find' as it has been sitting dormant in the single car garage of the original owner/builder home for many years. The car was built in 1976 and the odometer only shows 8500 miles since constructed. This car is completely original .... all of the lights, gauges, seats, wheels etc.... are all vintage Bradley GT items. This car has never been updated or changed since it was built in 1976. It has a SCAT shifter in it. The dash is covered in the original white Vinyl as is the seats and sides of the interior. The seats were removed for cleaning the interior but they are back installed now. The car also was ordered with the VDO gauge package in it and all of those gauges are still in place. This car is probably the only Bradley GT that is still on its original owner/builders name and it has every bit of original paperwork with it still. I have the original invoice from Bradley GT when the kit was ordered with the original price ($3030 in 1976). I have the original color selection sheets for the exterior color and the interior selections sheet for the different interiors that were offered with the kit. I also have the original bill of landing with the original Bradley GT serial number for the body plus the serial number plate that was included with the body but never installed. This car used the 1968 VW pan's VIN number for its identification number. The VIN number is stamped on the rear 'hump' of the pan just like it should be and as done by Volkswagen. The car was covered in dust when it was removed a few weeks ago from its single car garage. The car was given a good cleaning and buffing and the metallic Red really came back nicely. There are still a few places in back by the engine cover that could use some more buffing but it is very presentable. The car came with clear lucite/plastic doors/roof sections that are hinged to lift up or be removed completely for open air driving. The passengers side is good. The drivers side has a small crack out of one corner of the plastic. I have the piece that cracked off and it could probably be glued back into place if you needed or wanted to run the car with the door/roof sections on. It also has a rear plastic 'window' that is included too but as we all know this car is really best used is good weather with the doors and rear window out. Like it was designed to be a fun buggy or convertible sports car. All of the lights work. The car needs some work though to get it road worth. The ignition switch needs to be fixed or replaced as there is a problem with it activating the starter motor. Although, if you jump the starter the car will start up and run. It actually runs good but I would suggest that the gas tank be cleaned out and a new fuel pump put in place as I think the rubber in the pump is bad (a new fuel pump is $18.00). I would also recommend a general service of the engine ie. .... change the oil, set the valves, change the plugs etc..... Just the simple stuff you would do to any car that had been sitting dormant for years. The VW pan under the car is in pretty good condition. It has a few patches in the pan by the battery location. The rest of the pan is good. Everyone knows the mechanicals of a VW are the easy part. What your buying here is all of the great, original look of this Bradley GT and the excellent paperwork that comes with it. An excellent project car that with a little work would be a real head turner. If you are in the area I would recommend coming and taking a look at the car in person. It really is a cool, retro little car and would draw lots of attention at any cruise night or car show!!

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