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get a shovel

Ebay Description:

What you see is what you get . This car actually has sit on this trailer for about 17 years in the arid area of San Diego. The owner is a friend of mine and he has to clear out his yard . It ran when trailered 17 yrs. ago. Cannot say what it would do or take now. I am guessing the engine is a 16 or 1800 vw . Owner doesn't know where he put title so that could be a problem maybe . Maybe not , since the car was registered 17 years ago. Don't know the mileage and haven't gone back to his house to get the darn vin. # The trailer has current registrration and is an additional 750.00 if buyer wants it . It's an extremely nice trailer ! !Check out the VINTAGE mags on trailer wheels !! I don't know if I would have anymore answers

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