1969 Bradley GT VW bug Volkswagen Kit Car

Price: US $1,500.00

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Funnybug sez:

a moment of silence please for our fallen comrade

Ebay Description:

Bradley GT fiberglass body kit car on 1969 (we assume) Volkswagen Beetle pan. Sort of a Corvette-styled body with gullwing doors that used an unaltered VW frame to create a 2-seater sports car. Fiberglass fair, one plexiglass door is broken, both doors and rear window are loose and in the car. Missing left seat (has a seat added since photos). VDO gauges include tachometer. Pan needs new floors, rotted out in the front of both sides. Rolls/steers. Motor runs. Have not attempted to drive it, you see the snow in the pictures from the day it arrived. Wheels are Chevrolet pattern bolted to the VW drums with adapters. Some damage below left front headlight. Previous owners report the car would do 110 MPH and I'm sure you can get 25-30 MPG out of one of these without too much trouble, although not if you intend to test the top speeds.

Bear in mind importing another car from out of state will cost minimum $800-$1000, assuming it runs, not counting any damage done by the shipper (the cheaper the shipper the more likely the vehicle gets damaged), or any repairs needed for things not disclosed by the seller.

While I can't look this up in a value guide, I did see another one for sale locally, in not a lot better shape other than a recent purple paint job, and the asking price was also considerably more.

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