Custom Bradley GT Kit Car

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Funnybug sez:

painted up like a Corvette Mako Shark fits quite well on this snub nose Stingray body style.

Ebay Description:

It saddens me to have to write this but I have to sell my Bradley GT. This car is my pride and joy. I’ve owned the car for 7 years and have restored it, with the help of my Dad, to its current state. I’ve put many miles of enjoyment on the car and to this day, every time I drive it there’s always a smile on my face.

The Bradley GT body sits on a 1961 full length Beetle frame with Swing Axle/King Pin suspension. The engine is a 1967 1500cc single port. The car is roughly 14 ½ feet long and stands 43” tall. The rear sections of the pans have been patched. The car received a new wire harness in 2006. The brake system has been completely replaced in 2005. Wheel cylinders, shoes, brake lines and hoses are all new. The car was painted in 2007 Blue/Silver. I forget the names but both colors are GM. There are 15” wheels on the back and 14” wheels on the front. All four tires have plenty of tread left. Wheels are a vintage slotted/5 spoke style. They are a GM 5lug pattern. Drums are wide-5 bolt pattern with an adapter. This pushes the wheels out and fills up the wheel wells nicely. Because the front and rear wheels are different sizes, the speedometer is 10 mph off. If it shows 40mph you’re actually driving 30mph. 70mph means you’re going 60 and so on. The car has the original fuel tank that was professionally cleaned and sealed in 2006. There is an electric fuel pump feeding the carburetor. There is a full set of original VDO gauges in the dash. The only two that are currently connected are the Speedometer and the Tachometer. The odometer does not read actual mileage. Therefore car's mileage is unknown. There is also an oil pressure gauge, a fuel gauge and an amp gauge. These are not connected but can be with some simple wiring. In 2009 I decided to start finishing the interior. I had a custom set of two tone tweed seat covers made from the original patterns. These were professionally done and came out looking very nice. I also had a custom roll cage put in the car. This was professionally done as well. This cage was made piece by piece to fit the car exactly. It is extremely strong and rigid. I spent almost $1200 on this alone. It really is a work or art in itself. I didn’t receive the car back until later in the year so I wasn’t able to get anything else done in the interior. It currently has the original black vinyl interior panels in it. Here’s the bad…The windshield has an “n” shaped crack in it. It’s at the bottom and a little off center toward the passenger side. It has been like that since I bought it. The rear fastback window also has a sizeable crack in it. It starts from a mounting screw hole and extends on an upward angle about 6 or so inches. Again it has been like that since I bought it. The end of the crack has been drilled out to stop the spread. The rear window is currently being reproduced and can be purchased somewhere in the neighborhood of $350. I can give you the information on where to get one.

Here’s what needs to be done…

The interior needs to be finished. I have the tweed material that was used to make the seat covers so you can finish the interior panels. The roll cage needs to be taken out and painted as it is just raw steel. The roll cage mounting plate needs to be drilled to accept the rest of the body bolts. There needs to be a threadsert welded into the center tunnel for the lap belt portion of the passenger harness. The interior also needs to be carpeted. That I don’t have but you can buy it cheap. The #1/2 cylinder head has a broken exhaust stud on the #1 cylinder. You need to either have a new stud welded in or just replace the head. The carburetor could also use a rebuild and the idle needle could be adjusted. It runs good, but the choke sticks so it takes a while for the engine to warm up. The car was painted but never sanded or buffed. The clear laid down very well so I just left it.

Here’s what you get with the car…

~New in the box fuel gauge sender
~Two rolls of tweed material (4 yards of the dark and 1 ½ yards of the light)
~Original Bradley GT body number plate.
~Original battery box cover.
~A complete set of new/vintage American Racing chrome center caps for the wheels.
~Set of matching smoked gull wing doors. These doors have come off a different Bradley and have not been fitted to this car. They are not in perfect condition but they are NOT cracked. I would give them a 7.5 out of 10. They are not mounted or installed right now.

**Fuel Gauge sending unit, body number plate, wheel center caps, and mounting hardware for doors are in a different location than the car. They will be shipped to you seperatly at my expense.

Seller holds clear Illinois title.

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