1975 Replica/Kit Makes Bradley GT Bradley GT

Starting bid: US $1,650.00

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Funnybug sez:
don't know if this ever sold or for how much.

Ebay Description:

Up for auction is a running but not finished 1975 (we believe) Bradley GT. The running chassis for this car is from a 1968 VW Beetle (Bug). It is a low mileage 1500cc 4 speed.

This Bradley GT was originally a metallic silver but is now red with white stripes. The cable light bezels actually work!!

New stuff on the car: Carpet, brakes, master cyl, 1 rear drum, 1 rear bearing set, mechanical fuel pump.

Biggest highlights: Strong running and low mileage, quite a few new parts, actual original Bradley GT seats, not alot needed to make a good running car, all gauges are Stewart Warner and they all work.

Biggest problems: Needs a linkage adjustment (trans doesn't like to stay in 1st gear), not equipped with seatbelts, needs new front windshield, rear gone, no side windows, missing actual Bradley fuel tank, paint job not the best, no stereo, aftermarket seatcovers don't fit well.

Extras include a complete mounted and balanced set of wheels and a battery box of extra parts (both pictured).

We only have a bill of sale for this car and we don't believe it was ever finished and titled as a Bradley GT. We would like to keep this but its one toy too many and the race car needs parts.

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