1930 Replica/Kit Makes CONVERTIBLE BENTLEY

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ANOTHER titled as a 1930 Bentley? Whats wrong with this, Tennessee...?

Ebay Description:


FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION I HAVE FOR SALE A UNIQUE REPLICA OF A 1930 BENTLEY ROADSTER/CONVERTIBLE, THIS CAR HAS CHARACTER: The glossy topical sunset paint catches the eye, being a convertible doesn’t hurt a thing, the tan interior goes right with the paint, a car like this had to have wide white-wall tires mounted on real wire rims, the spare mounted on the side is way cool, the fog lights and dual horns look great, the long nose and narrow fenders are classic. I go to lots of big car shows and see lots of replica cars, but I have never seen a 1930 Bentley convertible. This car has adequate power, its built on a 1967 VW chassis, its was done very well, you have to lay down and look under the car to know it’s a replica on a VW. The VWs are used for many replica cars because they are priced reasonable, they are very reliable , you can buy mechanical parts at your local parts store and they are very easy to work on.


LIGHTS: They work, it has turn signals, brake lights, head lights, tail lights and fog lights.


DUAL HORNS: They have the nostalgic sound and look, they have the UHOO---GA sound.

WHEELS AND TIRES: I think the wire wheels are old Ford. The tires are good and have wide white side walls.

GAUGES: Oil pressure and amp gauge are mounted in the dash and work. The gas gauge does not work. The gas tank is fabricated to fit just this car and has no sending unit. You could pull it and install a VW sending unit because a gauge is mounted in the VW speedometer cluster. The gas tank fill neck is the radiator cap, I just look down straight into the tank and see how much fuel is in the tank. The cap have a non working temp gauge built in “a real cool feature”.

MECHANICAL: The chassis is a 1967 VW. The engine has been rebuilt and has plenty of power, it’s a 4 cylinder and is very reliable with no blue smoke and no rattles (I was told it was a 1600CC)(it is a VW pan-cake engine and does leave some drops of oil on my floor). The drops are coming from one of the new push rod tubes, they are new and the good ones that are spring loaded with an extra seal, the extra seal is where the drops are coming from, I reset it, when the engine is run more and the spring compresses the seal more I think it will completely stop, anyway it just drops and does not amount to a big deal. Past owner just had a new valve job, new gaskets, tune up and carburetor rebuilt “it runs great” The transmission is a 4 speed manual shift, it shifts very good and has no whines or growls. The brakes and steering are stock VW and in good condition. Brakes are about 5/8s pedal, works fine for me.

BODY: Very thick fiberglass and its not cracked up. Of course there is no rust, no dents, no dings.

PAINT: New paint, the original color was dark green, it was very faded and had several chips. I am a classic car restorer, but I did not paint this car, I had a local paint shop put a driver quality job on it “I did not have the time to do it, I have 2 other cars I’m working on”. We did take most of the parts off before it was painted, bumpers, hinges and such. The paint is not show quality, but decent, under a critical eye and close inspection you will find some very minor flaws: the gloss and shine is magnificent, there is some very minor orange peel and a few specs. In other words I spent all I could afford to on a paint job for a car in this price range, it looks good, but its not a $20,000 paint job like we put on show cars. Man at the paint store custom mixed the paint, he started with a PPG color called tropical sunset. The color is not pure red and not pure orange, it’s a combo of both and looks just right with the tan wheels and interior, its custom and will be the only one at the show with this color. I save the paint can so you could get more mixed if you ever need it.

WHAT IS LEATHER LOOK ON INBOARD OF FRONT FENDERS? The original cars had real leather in this area, this is just a leather texture that is painted to look like leather.

HOW MANY DOORS? Only one on each side, I think its this way for strength.

CHROME: New headlights, new front turn signal lights, very good tail lights, chrome bumpers nice.

CAR HAS: Gold pin striping and brass hardware that don't show up in the pictures.

INTERIOR: Decent interior, a medium tan color (saddle). It is the perfect color for the exterior paint color, The interior has a couple of patched places on top of the sides where you would lay your arm when driving, they are died a matching tan color and look OK. Carpet is decent, door panels decent, the seats are fixed in place, no adjuster, they work good for the average height person.

TOP: The top is in usable condition, but has a couple of patches, it’s a tan color. It look plenty good, its just not new condition. No back window and no side curtains come with the car.

UNDERSIDE: Not detailed for show, but no rust problems.

HOW FAST WILL THIS CAR GO? It’s a Volkswagon, they run pretty good, but are not a Muscle Car. It will cruise at 45 to 50 miles per hour and I have driven it up to 60. The tires and wheels are 1930s technology when roads were rough and speeds were slow. If you want more speed, put radial tires on and there are plenty of VW engine beef-up stuff out there. I like it just the way it is!

TITLE: Car is title as a 1930 Bentley, I have a clear Tennessee title in hand.

INSPECTIONS: Inspections are welcome, but must be done before the listing ends. I place a 21 day listing, this gives plenty of time to get an inspection done if you wish to have one. Please come and look your self “that’s the best”, but if you want an independent inspector they are welcome. After you buy the car it’s yours, please do your research, inspections and planning.

PICTURES: This car looks good in person, but my pictures make it look better than it really is. Beware of internet pictures, they usually make cars look better than they are. This car is worth my price, but its not a 100% perfect car. Lots of sellers let you think your buying a show car for a bargain price, I’m telling you its good, but not as perfect as the pictures show.

“PLEASE DON’T BUY ON IMPLUSE” Come look and ask questions.

BOTTOM LINE: I will take $9,999 for the car. I’m asking $12,800 and will come down to $9,999. You don’t have to play the bargain down game. This car is for sale on the local market so I must reserve the right to stop listing and sale the car at anytime and for any reason. Come look and be happy with what you’re buying, I will confirm a deal and stop the sell.

FOR REAL! The price is $9,999! Please don’t waste our time calling unless your willing to pay $9,999


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