.1974 VW Super Beetle Gundaker Vandetta Conversion.

Winning bid: US $870 .

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Funnybug sez:

I always wanted one of these.

EBAY Description:

Ended: Aug 01, 2013

Item location: Portage, Michigan

This is a 1974 Super Beetle with a Gundaker Vandetta panel truck conversion rear half. This takes the cake for VW crazy in a sea of VW insanity from the 70's. This Beetle has sat since 1992 and was owned by the same lady since 84. It is a project! In fact, I would say you probably want to start with a better donor car and put the Vandetta kit on it. And as I have the original instruction manual and templates, that should be no sweat for a talented VW nut. You'll be the only one on the Bug Run with a Vandetta. From what I can find out about it on the Google, very few of these are around and even fewer come up for sale. So whats it worth? You tell me, I have no idea. I'm looking for a 95 and up Camaro or Firebird with the 3800 V6 and 5 speed trans. There is an engine. I don't know what engine perhaps you can help me identify it. There is a transmission. There are 4 wheels. There is a back seat and two front seats. There is a lovely animal odor no extra charge. As you can see its already on my trailer and I would love to deliver is so long as its no further than 150 miles from 49002 and with today's gas prices I ask a measly $1 per mile. I encourage local inspection. I encourage questions. I'm happy to chat on the phone. Check out my hi-res images at http://monaroracing.com/vandetta. Thanks and have a great day!


On Jul-31-13 at 18:37:12 PDT, seller added the following information: Been getting a lot of questions about the condition of the engine. It does turn over freely by hand but I have not tried to start it. I have a clear Michgan title for the car. Thanks.

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