.1974 Volkswagen Beetle Vandetta .

Winning bid: US $6,500.

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Funnybug sez:

I figured it would be best to start off this sub section with a Vandetta that was 'done right'.

EBAY Description:

Up for sale is a Custom 1974 Volkswagen Beetle Vandetta Show Car.

This car is completely flawless inside and out. This all started out with a ground-up build from a 1970 rust free bug frame.

The front end is a race Baja style with double tube bumpers, fitted with flat German style Halogen headlights. Under the front hood with a custom built key lock, is a fully carpeted enclosure for a pair of stereo amps (600 watts total). Equipped with a front visor, fiberglass running boards and a rear spoiler. Paint is Red Imron with Ghost White flames painted into the front. The paint is aircraft grade and is hard as nails (Perfect condtion too). -

  • Complete suspension has been rebuilt front to back with new bushings and brakes (drum brakes).
  • Has a rebuilt IRS 4 speed transmission
  • Newer 1776 dual port engine with Weber Carb, 110 Cam, and custom dual exhaust (look at the pics)
  • The interior has been completely restored with custom gray fabric bucket seats in the front (I think they are from a Grand Am)
  • New black carpet throughout the whole interior -New dash and gauge package with an aftermarket Pioneer radio.
  • Features 8 speakers with 2 batteries so you can have the radio on all day at the show, then switch it over to start the engine.

Overall this bug is fast, solid and of course, a little unusual. Can be driven anywhere. Lots of work has been spent on every little detail of the vehicle, right down to the rubber gromets holding the spoiler down.

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