1965 Volkswagen Beetle - Classic 1937 Beetle

Winning bid: US $6,900.

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Funnybug sez:

Well, as creative a bullshit story the seller has spun (below), it is in fact, bullshit. This BGW kit can be fount at BGWSpectre.Com

Ebay Description:

Meet Snoopy, The very unique 1937 Ford People's Car! AKA:1965 VW Volkswagen Beetle Street Rod.Handcrafted by an areospace engineer in New Mexico many, mamy moons ago. Designed to look very like a 1937 Ford. Built on a 1965 Volkswagen rust free chassis. 1.6 liter air-cooled single-port opposed four power plant. New clutch, brakes and remanufactured transaxel. Chrome wheels w/baby moon hubcaps. Radial Tires, New black carpeting, Immaculate wool;iner grab handles, Upholstered in coreect pinstriped turqquoise VW Leatherette material. Turquoise paint. Split rear window,Rear bench seats three. last but not least and the best feature of all... Snoopy is a gas miser getting up to 30 miles per gallon! Economical, affordable. 1000.00 Deposit to pay Pal. Balance to be paid cash or money order Check must cleal bank before pick up. Car sold in as is cond.

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