1977 Replica/Kit Makes Aztec 7

Price:US $899

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Funnybug sez:

What a mess

Ebay Description:

This car was taken in as trade about 25 years ago. The body could be salvaged and rebuilt by the right person interested in the project. The engine compartment is in the rear and the doors are "wing" style with pop-up headlights (non-working). I have found a supplier for the windshield, which I have heard would be the toughest part of the restoration.

Update: 12/20/2013 - There has been a lot of buzz around this post and we have luckily had a man who has been nice enough to send me his "completed renovation" photos which I will add to the post. Thanks for all of the great information everyone. This could actually be a really nice car. PLEASE NOTE: THE "AFTER" PHOTOS OF THIS CAR ARE NOT OF THIS LISTING. THEY WERE SIMPLY SUBMITTED BY AN EBAY USER TO SHOW WHAT COULD BE A FINISHED PRODUCT, SO I POSTED AS AN FYI.

Just FYI...if you're interested, we do have the means and equipment to get this car loaded on a trailer if you chose to purchase. We are a chassis fabrication shop that can easily get this loaded for you to haul. We can also arrange delivery to anywhere in the United States for (obviously) an additional cost not associated with this auction.

Ended: Apr 13, 2014
Item location: Waxahachie, Texas

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