1982 Aztec 7

Winning bid: US $3,750.

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Funnybug sez:

ah, the 80's.

Ebay Description:

This is the an original Aztec 7 and a piece of history. This very car was featured in the January 1983 issue of Peterson's Kit Car The Specialty Car Magazine as a top 10 kit car. This issue stays with the car, along with pictures of it and the builder and the owner's manual. I have provided pictures of the car and of all of the paperwork for everyone to be able to read. I have also included a copy of the title. Please note that this was titled in 1982. It is a Specially Constructed Motor Vehicle title with a good, valid VIN. I had issues with Ebay needing "a 17 character VIN for any vehicle model year of 1981 or later". The power-train has been freshened up recently with $8000 spent on it. This car starts, runs and drives great. It is a super-fun car to drive, but due to medical issues, I must sell it.

Item Location: Derby, Kansas

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