1980 Aztec 7

US $4,050.00 Reserve not met.

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seller added some nice history to the description..

Ebay Description:

A Little Description:

I have owned this car since 1995, the 3rd owner. It was built by a family friend in 1980 (currently titled as a 1981). I have the original assembly manual (see pictiure). I have listed the body as "Lambo" since that is what my modifications where aimed at. This is a great fun show car. I have never seen another one except in online photos. To be fair, with the VW engine still in it, this car is more SHOW than GO.

AE 999 999 - Last engine of AE series, replaced by
AK 000 001 - 1600/48bHp DIN - 46HP SAE net

I have installed a tucked header exhaust system for a nicer look than the stock system. Also, a chrome kit and Dual Weber carb system. Sitting in storage most of the time has made it hard to start without an electric fuel pump to draw up the gas. I have always thought this car could use a new VW engine core or a nice little V6 but never got around to it. If you leave this engine in it, keep an eye on oil consumption. Btw... I also never put a new stereo in.... the one that's in it is lame.

The rear wing is from a Lambo kit car and the ground effects are adapted from other modern vehicles. It was painted White in 1998. I selling this to make room for a new project car.

A Little History:

The Aztec 7 is a kit car that was designed and built by one of the largest and longest-lived kit car companies in America called Fiberfab. The "factory" (where the bodies were made) was in CA, but the Fiberfab office (an old Chevy dealership pictured in the Yahoo Avenger Club photo section under Kevin Cooney) was later moved to Bridgeville, PA with the 2nd owner ("Ace" Valli), which is where the cars were sold, assembled.

Fiberfab got it's start in the early 1960's building street-rod parts and body panels for Mustangs. Their first full kit car was the Aztec GT. They came out with several versions of this car in the mid-1960's, and later they developed many other kits including the very popular Avenger/Valkyerie. In the early 1970's they decided to create a replica of the Bertone Carabo concept car and the Aztec 7 was born. Released around 1976, it was somewhat popular, and estimates are that they sold over 250 full kits.

When Fiberfab was purchased by Classic Motor Carriages in 1983, the new company wanted to focus only on neo-classic kits and many of the Fiberfab designs were doomed, including the Aztec 7.

A few owner/ enthusiasts maintain websites with wonderful photos, details and other various information about existing cars around the country.

On Apr-29-13 at 16:11:22 PDT, seller added the following information:

The Windshield is one solid piece of glass (no seem). It's worth noting that the windshield that fits in the car is a Lamborgini Muira..... New ones run around $2000.

(See ebay listing Item number: 200624297114)

On May-02-13 at 18:12:51 PDT, seller added the following information:

Hi all...One biidder asked if this car had a dropped floor pan. It does NOT, but what a GREAT idea! I wish I'd thought about years ago. Here's a link to anyone interested: http://www.andysautosport.com/volkswagen/1950_1979_beetle/interior/floor_pans/key_parts/

Also, the windshield is original and in beautiful/perfect condition. (Just FYI)

BTW...... The bids are getting Very close to my Reserve!! Happy Bidding and good luck!

On May-04-13 at 12:45:33 PDT, seller added the following information:

HI All.... I just dropped the Reserve to $4,051.00!!

Next bid and Reserve is OFF and it goes!

Good Luck!

Item Location: Coraopolis, Pennsylvania

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