1977 Fiberfab Aztec 7

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Funnybug sez:

more normally aspirated than the last one..

Ebay Description:

This is a project car that has been in a garage and worked on for many years off & on. It does not currently run due to needing some electrical work.

This is an Aztec 7 Model Fiberfab Fiberglass body. The original recieipt and certificate of origin from Fiberfab are dated January 1977. There is some fiberglass damage to the passenger side front corner where something was dropped on it.

The engine is a rebuilt 6 cynlinder 1966 Corvair.

The wheels are 14" x 7" magnesium, 5 spoke, American Racing Chevy pattern.

The chasis is a VW 1500 model. The electrical schematics are for this model.

Instruments are aircraft syle VDO.
Item Location:

Hendersonville, Tennessee

Aztec 7 Fiberglass Kit Car 14 x 7 Magnesium Wheels 1966 Corvair Engine VW Chassis

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