1969 VW Kit Car VW Engine 1600 CC Running Condition

Winning bid:US $1,352.77

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I wonder how that antenna works with SiriusXM

Ebay Description:

This is a 1969 VW kit car with 31k miles I drove it 1000 miles and owned it for only a few years drives nice needs some TLC . the floors are in fantastic shape no rust it's a fun car to drive and I got tons of attention from people wanting to know what kind of a car it is , its a 1969 VW says on the reg, . this car is perfect for someone that knows about the VW . the car needs a minor brake work other than that it's a solid 1969 VW with low miles pleas see all the pictures and watch videos . This youtube link is ok to post of me driving http://youtu.be/1C31jqUfVNY And this one is a walk around http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3HdNZ_-BasQ&feature=youtu.be that's more of the VW , any questions please ask in my ebay . flatbed or tow her home she's all fiberglass very light , Thanks MB .... wanted to add I bought sun yellow spray paint in the can and it was just for the season , needs paint but you already know that ! my friends and I have looked on the on the internet for one like this so we can have a name , no one can find one exactly like this 1969 VW kit car , as I said before there is NO rust under the car kinda amazing for a 1969

Ended:Sep 10, 2013
Item location:Bloomington, New York

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