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Air Cooled Groups
800+ Completed Dune Buggies
dune buggiesdune buggiesdune buggiesdune buggiesdune buggiesdune buggiesdune buggiesdune buggies
240 Dune Buggy Projects

300+ Kit Cars

Funnybug says:    "Check out the different groups by clicking any of the images within the categories above. These bugs multiply like rabbits and the original combined page was getting pretty fat with links and load time was suffering so now they are broken into two categories, dune buggies and kit cars. None of these are available from me, so though I appreciate emails pointing out duplicate listings and spelling errors (the spelling is copied as originally posted by the sellers), I can't help you get into any of these rides as I have deleted all contact emails and phone numbers to protect the anonymity of the original poster(s)"

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