1965 VW Dune Buggy RARE LIDO MODEL, Mint Mint Mint!!! No expense spared!!!!!!!!!

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EBAY Description:

Ended: Dec 21, 2014
Item location: Sarasota, Florida

1965 VW Dune Buggy RARE LIDO MODEL, Mint Mint Mint!!! No expense spared!!!!!!!!!
DESCRIPTION: This is a fully restored original 1968 "LIDO" Dune Buggy body mounted on a professionally shortened 1965 Volkswagen chassis and drive train. This LIDO Dune Buggy is an original model by Balboa of Los Angeles, California and was available from Fiberglass Products Co. in 1968. I bought this dune buggy from my brother, who owns and runs Gassman Automotive Products of Waynesboro, Virginia. He restored this dune buggy for himself, and spared no expense to make the vehicle 100% reliable, as well as attractive and powerful. I have owned the vehicle for 2 1/2 years, and have just had the engine freshened and completely serviced, as well as the braking system. It handles perfectly, stops on a dime, is incredibly comfortable to ride in, very sporty and fast, and is, above all, very reliable! I would not hesitate to drive it across the country tomorrow. Unlike almost all other dune buggies that have electrical problems, handle poorly, and are uncomfortable to ride in, this one is just the opposite. When my brother restored it, he made sure the suspension, braking system, electrical system, and engine were all in perfect functioning condition.The vehicle has a professionally custom-made convertible top, side curtains, and rear window which are easy to install without having needed to put snaps all over the fiberglass body. The buggy is also fitted with a roll bar and brake light whip for safety. The odometer reads 76,299 miles, but has only been driven approximately 500 miles since it was completely restored. The vehicle was restored by Gassman Automotive Products and can also be seen for sale on their website: www.GassmanAutomotive.com.

The Dune Buggy features: 1600cc Engine with dual ports, Twin Solex Carbs, Wheels are Aluminum mag "Torque Thrust", Tires are almost new Cooper Cobra Radial G/T tires R295/50R15(rear) and R225/50R15(front), Paint is 4 layers with "House of Color - Candy Apples", heavy gold metal flake and clear coat (cost $8000 for paint job), original NOS Dune Buggy EMPI Steering Wheel, Cal-Chrome Pedals (Gas & High Beam) all CUSTOM NOS from 1960's which my brother had saved for over 20 years in anticipation of restoring a dune buggy for himself one day, SAFEGO brake-light whip which has 300 LEDs that light up in red when you hit the brake, Transmission has "Short Shift" and "Lockout" conversions, Chrome exhaust system, Engine has the luxury dress-up Chrome kit, Seats are from a Triumph Spitfire, and custom made vinyl ribbed outer side panels to prevent unsightly rock chips in the paint. There is an easily attachable convertible roof with detachable rear window and two side curtains. The vehicle runs like new and is fun to drive and surprisingly comfortable. If you've ever wanted a like-new Dune Buggy that you can drive to the beach or to California in, this is definitely the one for you.

Funnybug says: BEAUTIFUL paint job

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