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EBAY Description:

Ended: Nov 23, 2014
Item location: Monmouth Beach, New Jersey

This is an auction for a street legal dune buggy. Loosing my garage space so i feel its time to let someone else have all the fun. Overall the buggy is in great shape... runs great, and turns heads wherever it goes. Here's a run down on what its made of. The chassis is a 65 Volkswagen Beetle, I believe it was cut down a foot in length like most are to fit these early 60's bodies. Its a king pin front end. the trans axle is a '68 I was told. the engine is a stock for the most part '73. I just recently had the buggy overhauled at Lou Hodis shop in Old Bridge, NJ. Lou's been wrenching VW's since he was a kid and is his field of expertise. Basically he went over the buggy and made repairs and he told me a little about the buggy. The body- there are no tell tale signs of what make it is, but Lou feels its an early build. He says its a quality body, made of heavy construction. he thought it could be a real Manx body but we could not verify that. Overall though he stated that its a quality body and in good shape. The body was sanded down to the original gel coat, primed, painted silver. Then 8 coats of clear with a load of Big Daddy Roth flakes was sprayed over it, tinted with a light green pearl. The body has a textured feel, and really POPS out in the sun. There are some scratches and imperfections, but overall it looks wild. the hood has what I believe to be '68 Camaro "ice trays" on it. Roll bar wasa custom fit to the buggy. Front bumper was custom made. I added the spiked "half rounds" on the front. They look sinister. If you damage or loose them, they can be easily replaced at any good metal shop. Engine- Lou went through it, replaced the spark plug tubes, carburetor, and distributor. He got it to run nice. The exhaust is an old glass pack set up. Its old, still works. Check out my 64 Corvair air cleaner i cut to fit....Transaxle- the axles were done over. The right side was replaced, and the left was rebuilt. The trans shifts perfectly. Brakes- these brakes are pretty tight. I like them that way. You have to push them hard to some to a fast stop. You might want them different. Wheels and tires- Wheels are Keystone Rears are 15x8 I believe skinned with 275/60/15 tires. Back wheels are in good shape. Someone overinflated the tires (they were bought used) The centers are a little worn, but the sides are full of tread. Fronts are 14x7 Keystones. Tires have good trad but with a little dry cracking. These wheels have pitting. Both front and back wheels are attached with adapters.Interior- your basic dune buggy seats with basic seatbelts. They are mounted as far back as they can go. I am 6'2" I can drive the buggy but its tight for me. Im all leg! Any taller and you might have an issue. Speedo works but jumps around. Not accurate. Tach works. Lights worked but passenger accidently pulled out a wire with his foot. will need to go through it and reattach it. Horn button on dash works. Wipers need to be wired up again. Nice vintage Superior steering wheel. Horn button on steering wheel is just decoration... horn activated by button on dash. Behind seats, wood deck hides battery box. velcro holds it all down. side mirrors are standard beetle adapted to fit. Blinkers and taillights standard Beetle. Drivers blinker needs new wiring boot... does not work at moment. Emblems can be easily removed, as the are attached with silicone glue. Underside sprayed at one time with rust encapsulator. Still in good shape. No rust through issues. Last owner made cool running boards on side lowers painted body color. All trim nicely detailed out. Buggy drives like a typical small car with big tires! Runs great, sounds great... real head turner. Buggy comes with a New Jersey title and is titled as a 2006 Volkswagen. Shipping responsibility of the owner. $300 due within 2 days of auction end. Buyer must remove the car from property in 7 days. Inspections welcome and will try to accommodate. GOOD LUCK BIDDING!

On Nov-19-14 at 13:30:28 PST, seller added the following information:

I've had a few questions over the last few days, mainly , will I end the auction early for a cash offer? NO...I feel the auction should run to its entirety. I appreciate the interest, but I'll let the auction pick a new owner. My advice is to follow the auction and make your best bid. Next, people have asked about the paint job. Like stated, the finish is packed with flake, Big Daddy Roth flake, and has a pearl tint to it. The finish has a texture to it, and is more of a satin finish. But the tons of flake in the paint make it pop out loud. Also, yes, that is the throttle cable ran along the floor. That's typical of many buggy builds, as access is sometimes tough in the original placement of the cable. Plus it makes it easy to fix in case there is an issue. And like I stated, there is some electrical work to do on the lights and wipers (if you want the wipers). Ive never driven it in the rain...Thanks and good luck!

On Nov-21-14 at 13:30:08 PST, seller added the following information:

Because of a death in the family and the upcoming holidays I am going to extend the pick-up deadline another week as I'm not sure of my personal schedule for the next week. So you have 14 days to pick up the dune buggy. However, the deposit is still due within 48 hours. Thanks!

On Nov-22-14 at 19:37:23 PST, seller added the following information:

Just went through a folder of receipts and notes that came with the buggy. I found a series of emails from a past owner who states that the body was built by Bruce Meyers. I'm now trying to contact that owner to see if he has proof of that statement. At this point I have no proof that the statement is true, but figured I would bring up he possibility that this is an original Meyers body. I don't think I will resolve this before the auctions end so unfortunately that's only speculation at this point. Thanks!

Funnybug says: Big Daddy Roth, Meyers Manx.. sheesh.. name drop much?


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