1965 Corvair powered Buggy

Winning bid: US $2,250.12

Last Update: Friday, September 11, 2015 4:44 PM

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EBAY Description:

Ended: Jul 14, 2014
Item location: Unadilla, New York

A Nice Corvair powered Dune Buggy. I bought this with the intent of restoring it. It is all there and I currently have it on the road. The installation is older and needs to be refined. The electrical all works but the wiring is of a poor job. Just being strait forward. The body is nice with no cracks in the fiberglass. The windshield was hit with a stone but passes inspection. It was always inside to my understanding and certianly for the last 15 years. It starts right up and runs fairly well. I rebuilt the left carb. Its big issue is that it handles poorly. I believe the rear wheels are toed in too far, bushings and a laser would solve it but a new daughter and other interests keep me from it. Cool project for someone who is modestly talented. Comes with new Stainless brake lines to yet be installed and a new battery. Selling for far less than I have in it. Automatic Transmission. Pre 1972 so it has a transferable registration. Titles came into effect in NY after 1972.

Funnybug says: A dune buggy with an automatic transmission.. what in the world.......



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