Original B.F. Meyers Manx 1966 Authenticated Dune Buggy Bruce Metal Flake

Price: US $18,000.00

Last Update: Friday, September 11, 2015 4:25 PM

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EBAY Description:

Ended: Jun 07, 2014
Item location: Brewster, Massachusetts




The buggy painted in Roth Metal Paint. The color is Ruined Retina Red.


Metal Flake paint the only way a Dune Buggy should be! In the sun it so shinny and sparkly, you need sun glasses to look at it!!

Has Corvette gas cap!

Has Meyers replacement fiberglass dashboard. Original Meyers aluminum windshield frame with new glass!

Original Meyers body with wire tubes under tub and lifting block on front underside of body. Has spare tire and battery tubs.

Rebuilt 1600cc Dual Port engine, Lots of Chrome, Brand new carburetor and Meyers Sidewinder Exhaust Jet Coated!

Transmission is a Rancho Transaxle Pro Street

shifts nice and smooth!

New floors shortened 14 1/4” primed and painted. Has 1” tubbing along sides to stiffen floors.

Has old school moon pedal with cast iron clutch and brake pedals!

Has Rebel wiring harness.

Has real Cragar rims and Cooper Cobra tires. Look at all that tread see pics!

Had the speedometer calibrated to 000000 it now has 276 miles cense rebuild was complete.

Only drove to couple cruise nights, car shows and a parade!

Fuel level gauge in speedometer with Hi Beam indicator, Oil pressure lamp and Alternator lamp.

Seats are custom made very comfortable lots of padding. Drivers seat adjust forward and back. Lap seat belts.

Verified and Authenticated by Meyers Manx #0023, also has the B. F. Meyers original body ID plate #M3243G910E.

Titled as a 1966 Volk Dune Buggy V.I.N. number on frame matches V.I.N. number on title

This Manx has an original 1966 link pin/swing axles chassis.

Summer is almost here, then it will be time to get out in the sun and cruise! Aways gets thumbs up and smiles!! Never been on beach or off-Roading!

Inspection of vehicle is always welcome!

Will help with shipping but buyer is responsible for all aspects of shipping! Would suggest inclosed transport!

This Verified and Authenticated Meyers Manx 1 is the real deal! It also has the B.F. Meyers body I.D. plate and the authenticity certification. A Manx 1, built from 1965-1969, has a spare tire well and battery compartment under the rear seat. Manx 2's, built from late 1968-1970, have a flat surface under the rear seat and are less collectible. Bruce Meyers is the inventor of the Dune Buggy. A Meyers Manx is the Icon of the Dune Buggy world!

Here is a list of some of the other things done or replaced.


  • new brake lines
  • dual brake master
  • all new drum brakes pads, drums, cylinders ext
  • fuel lines replaced with bradded stainless steel lines
  • all new steering components most chrome
  • new steering box
  • new steering coupler
  • horn and wolf whistle
  • chrome engine tins
  • chrome e-brake handle
  • transaxle mounts
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