dune buggy vw manx style

Price: US $8,000 reserve not met

Last Update: Friday, September 11, 2015 3:53 PM

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EBAY Description:

1965 vw manx style dune buggy- street legal, runs excellent, lots of goodies,

never been in the dirt, 4 speed, rear wheel drive, EMPI finger shifter,

2,000 miles on a fresh 1600cc motor, with a cam, Webber 2 barrel carb,

EMPI Baja headers & stinger, oversize oil filter & cooler with a wind scoop & electric fan

oil never gets to hot.

All new wiring & fuse box, Bosh coil, EMPI points & plugs,

new king pins & new rear coil spring shocks,

high amp alternator,

Grant security removable steering wheel,

American aluminum rims & firestone tires,

fast! runs perfect! Lots of fun!

Put together very well, & have lots of receipts,

Lots of chrome.

If you like attention, this car attracts everybody.

I added a few extras like a tow hook on the front, a temp spare tire and a fire extinguisher, just to be safe.

comes with jack, lugwrench, wheel locks & key

The gas guage isn't hooked up, but it will work if you can ground the sending unit (my problem was that getting my hand up in there & seeing what I was doing.

Clean title, TN plates

low registration

Item location: Corona, California

Ended: Nov 03, 2013

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