Bounty Hunter

Winning bid: US $6,500.

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Funnybug sez:


EBAY Description:

This dune buggy is the most Rarest; The Bounty Hunter. It has a factory top that is removable. The paint is not bad, but it does have some chipped spots and a few runs in it. The motor is a 1600cc dual port that runs good; it does have a minor oil leak as most VW have. This buggy runs and drives very well. The wheels are aluminum and new, the front wheels are 15x7 and the rears are 15x10. The body is fiberglass. This buggy has a good title, is street legal. As you can see this buggy is in excellent condition and also is very Rare. We drove it parades last year but let it sit out this year due to health. It does need some TLC and going through. The windshield has no cracks in it. Sold; As is, No warranty, No refunds.

Item Location: La Place, Louisiana
Ended: Aug 14, 2013

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