1964 Volkswagen Dune Buggy Meyers Manx style

Winning bid: US $5,680 .

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Funnybug sez:

probly shood lirn to spell gooder....

EBAY Description:

1964 V W Manx style Dune Buggy

Zero Miles on freshened up Manx style Dune Buggy Parts were bought at the World Famous DogHouse shop
Engine was pulled to replace the clutch and we found several oil leaks so It was taken apart and put back together with new gaskets,piston ring's ,New Scat Aluminum Spring loaded Push Rod Tubes ,New Empi Plug Wires and cap ,new plugs ,Rebuilt Solex Carburetor ,Rebuilt 12 volt generator,New Clutch Presure Plate ,throw out bearing ,and disc ,New Clutch Fork ,New led blinkers front and rear , The Fuel Tank was pulled flushed and fuel lines replaced with inline filter added , New ignition with four keys ,new fan Belt ,fresh 10/40 oil we ran it ten minutes let it sit ran it again for twenty minutes no smoke no oil leaks runs smooth all the old parts in a box for your pleasure keep or throw them away It was just Painted four coats Acrylic enamel could use a buff job but looks fine Not a show car but not a pos either see pictures , It could use a new windshield due to someone pulling stickers off it and its yukky sticky Its fiberglass and I dont want to scratch it trying to clean it but might give it a try might even order a new one for it if I see bidders it's just we already put Alot of money in it with parts and paying someone to do the work we have a few thou in it just the last few weeks ,I see new fiberglass windshields on this site for fifty bucks new fiberglass to put in the frame , Just being as honest as I can, the seats are not bolted in yet we were looking for better ones but decided it would be better to let the buyer decide if they want to replace them or not the front push bar and rear engine guard are not installed yet looking for new bolts or quick release pins but they both come with the buggy and a Rv Hitch

Payment in full with in seven days of end of sale , We will store it for 60 days to allow time to arrange shipping , Clear Nevada Title In Hand we will mail you the title if your sending a shipper to pick it up . see pictures of the title and some of the recipes , Item for sale else were and we reserve the right to end auction at any time before the reserve price is met , speeking of reserve it's Lower then the buy it now a few K

Our Feed Back Speaks For itself Happy Bidding

On Aug-02-13 at 20:15:03 PDT, seller added the following information:

There is not a cassette player as it states If It has to have one to make you happy I will go buy one at wal-mart it will be new in the box you can install it

On Aug-03-13 at 06:56:04 PDT, seller added the following information:

We were asked about Rust , well the pan is solid we are in the dry desert no Rust , also we were asked about the r v hitch and yes you can tow it home drive it home or have it shipped , No it is not hooked up with trailer hook up for lights

On Aug-04-13 at 09:29:07 PDT, seller added the following information:

We just got back from taking it for a ride out for breakfast and I have to say it's Fun, everyone stares at it. This Buggy runs great, stops jsut perfect , steers just fine and handles great on the high way at 65 mph . so needless to say it now has 27 Miles on it since all the work has been done and new pictures will be posted as soon as my camera man comes over

On Aug-04-13 at 09:30:54 PDT, seller added the following information:

Forgot to mention it Shifts great the new cluthc is fine

On Aug-05-13 at 21:00:12 PDT, seller added the following information:

we replaced the air cleaner with a nicer new bigger one email me an I will send a picture because It wont let me delete or ad pictures since I have the max pictures already and it has bids on it

also we had a local buyer come for a test ride looking at it at the buy it now price , he made me an offer with a part trade I am considering but cash is really what we need so we will see what happens

On Aug-06-13 at 18:21:28 PDT, seller added the following information:

Some one asked if I found other seat's ? the answer is yes and no , I have three sets of seats that might fit email me for pictures send your email address , one pair is gray with a tare on one , the other pair are black stock bug seats with small rip's but in real great shape other wise , Also Please just check on this site I see a seller appletreeauto and he has seats front and REAR ,for this buggy he also has Yellow cover for them to match , sorry we just ran short on the build with all the labor expense but it has new steering wheel THE FRONT PUSH BAR IS ON AND WE ARE GOING TO ATTEMPT TO PUT THE REAR ONE ON IN THE AM

On Aug-06-13 at 20:32:12 PDT, seller added the following information:

Another local test drive so it's up to 47 miles on it and since its night time noticed the dash Lights are not working , we will look at it tom probly just a bulb , The tail Lights ,Head Lights and Blinkers work fine .

On Aug-07-13 at 21:23:24 PDT, seller added the following information:

the bulbs were ten bucks each with five of them so we found a used speedo with bulbs and cable for 25 bucks so it go's with the buggy Also the choke is not hooked up at this time since were in a hot climate we dont need it it starts just fine

On Aug-08-13 at 05:15:20 PDT, seller added the following information:

item is for sale locally and we reserve the right to cancel the auction at any time

On Aug-08-13 at 21:06:43 PDT, seller added the following information:

we were told by a local buyer today that the E-brake has two handles one for each side something to do with cornering better at speed's I would be driving in the sand , He said it is hooked up but needs to be tacked to the pan , He showed me it was loose but works

On Aug-09-13 at 12:16:35 PDT, seller added the following information:

Our friend that has been working on the buggy just did a valve adjustment , he said he needed to let it run a few times and cool off thats why he waited till now , he also said he adjusted the timing ? It's running Great wish we could keep it

On Aug-09-13 at 21:53:33 PDT, seller added the following information:

Went to Sonic In the buggy got pulled over the way home . I said Hello officer I don't think I was speeding was I ? He replied with no I just wanted a better look at your Yellow submarine and Is there a Plate on it ? I replied with Look all you want and it is for sale on ebay Now but I don't have plates or insurance Sorry I just wanted to go for a ride before I let it go to a new home , He asked for my Id went to his car after ten minutes another cop car showed up they both walked up I thought I was going for a ride but they both just walked around it and showed me the ebay ad on one of there phones and he said you get a free pass this time only because your telling the truth since I see it on here , He said he thought I was just Full of it but since I was honest and admitted no plates no insurance he told me to go home and leave it there until It is sold , then the other guy asked were he could come take it for a test ride ;o) NOT A BAD COP STOP hahaha ...Small town perks ....Wish it was on Video and were up to 83 miles on it

Item Location:
Pahrump, Nevada
Aug 12, 2013

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