1972 VW fiberglass buggy

Winning bid: US $4,550

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Funnybug sez:

I'll never warm up to these 3 spoke wheels

EBAY Description:

1972 Fiberglass VW (consistent with the Manx style buggy). 1600 CC motor with manual transmission newly rebuilt less than two years ago with dual carburetors and CD ignition. Actual mileage of motor is unknown, but is correct for chassis. Four wheel disc brakes all around. Chevrolet bolt pattern with custom wheels with new shocks. Completely street legal with Florida title. Vehicle is in good condition. Simply selling because I am out of room in my garage and something has to go.

This is for sale on other websites and I will end auction if sold locally. Item is in Sebring, Florida.

Item Location: Sebring, Florida

Ended: Jun 23, 2013

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