1973 Replica/Kit Makes 2012 Bandit Buggy II

Starting bid: US $13,000

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Funnybug sez:

price seems a wee bit high to me

EBAY Description:

This is a show quality car, you will not find a better built car of this kind for the money, it normally sells turn key for 23 to 25 thousand. It is not only clean but very fast with a Gen two RX7 Factory fuel injected motor in it. I will however consider changing out the motor for a VW one if nessasary. It is on a 73 VW pan and Rino coated, never rust. The dash is a Two Thousand Autor meter custon job. Just too many thing is this car to wright. This car gets looks where every you go and is very nice to drive.

Item Location: Mentone, California

Ended: Jun 25, 2013

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