. 1967 Volkswagen Beetle - Classic Dune Buggy .

Sold For: US $4,500 .

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Funnybug sez:

interesting interpretation of what a 5 speed is.

EBAY Description:

1967 volkswagen dune buggie. 1700cc motor chromed out. amfm with cassette player. looks great runs great 5 speed. street legal drive anywhere. Extra Block and other parts. Tow package

Questions and answers about this item
Q: You said it has a 5 speed. What tranny is installed as most are 4 speed. Also, is there a back seat? Can't tell from the picture. My wife and i are very interested.
A: 4-forward 1-reverse. It has bench back seat with seat belts but there is not a lot of room back there

Item Location: Satsuma, Florida

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