. 1966 Manx Style Dune Buggy .

Winning bid: US $4500.

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Funnybug sez:

big rear meats....

EBAY Description:

This is a Manx Styled Street Legal Dune Buggy. Get ready to meet alot of new people. Everywhere you take this buggy people will come over and start talking about it. These buggies are great fun to run around in. They make a mondaine trip to the store exciting and fun. This was an older build that is in good condition. The engines runs good the clutch and transmission shift well. The head lights, turn signals, and horn all work. The big wide tires and chrome rims really make thing good. The buggy looks real good! It is not a show winner, there are are some scratches and chips here and there, but this is one that you can use and have a blast with. The canvas top shades you nicely, so you get a sun burn everytime you use it. The interior is in good shape the seats are not ripped and it has nice carpet. There is a tow bar included in the sale, so you can take it with you on the real long trips. I have towed it on the highway at highway speeds and it tows great you hardly even know its back there. The original fuel tank started to leak, so right now it is temporary using a plastic tank mounted under the hood. I am looking for a replacement.

Ended: Dec 16, 2012

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