. 1971 Berry Mini-T Dune Buggy .

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EBAY Description:

1971 Berry Mini-T Dune Buggy IV

The Berry Mini-T IV was also known as the Renegade-T in the UK. Its use of the full length VW Beetle floorpan makes it a four-seater. Its fenders form pseudo running boards on a double skinned fiberglass bodyshell. The engine is covered by a hinged hatch, for easy access. The standard VW tail lamps are used.

This buggy kit was purchased in 1971 with many extras including the full length, removable, soft-top, front and rear chrome bumpers shaped to the body and an upholstery pack with custom seats for the interior. The body shell came with metal flake silver color baked into it. It SPARKLES! No worries about fading paint.

It is powered by a 1300cc engine with a 4 speed manual transmission and a rust free pan from a 1966 VW Bug with only 27,000 miles on it. The interior is black and is in immaculate condition. The top is in excellent condition with a small repair shown in pictures. The front bumper has some rust on left side. The original Cragar-SS Chrome wheels are rust free. The striping is painted and was done by hand, including the bunny on the left rear.

I tuned it up last summer including: points, condenser, cap, rotor, plugs, wires and a rebuilt carburetor. It ran fine at that time but this winter I am having issues with the electric choke hanging on. I had to disconnect the choke heater wire and open the choke all the way. It is hard to start with the choke off but runs much better after the engine is hot. I think it needs a new choke heater or a hand choke.

The original owner used it as a Show Car and won numerous trophies. I bought it from him in 2003 and have driven it in local parades and have shown it several times in a local Kit Car Show. It has never been off road and always garaged.

Due to ill health I had to store it. It has become time to sell her. It is a tough thing to do but is necessary.

I hope the next owner keeps it in original condition and also enjoys showing it.

Item Location: Downingtown, Pennsylvania, United States

Ended: Dec 15, 2012

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