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This Rare And Authentic Meyers Manx Dune Buggy Was Built On A 1965 Shortened
VW Pan And Is Titled The same. The Fiberglass Dune Buggy Body Was Built By
Bruce Meyers When He Still Operated His Company "B.F. Meyers & Company" In
October 1968 And Has The Data Plate Behind The Seats On The Front Of The Hump
Between The Battery Box Well And The Spare Tire Sump As Shown In The Pictures
To Back Up And Verify This Information. The Reinforcing Tube Under The Fenders
Is Also Present Along With The Front And Rear Manx Badges.
The Serial Number Has Been Authenticated And Is Registered In The Meyers Manx Registry.
This Buggy Is Currently Registered In My Name. The New Owner Can Have This Information
Transfered Into Their Name And Receive A Certificate Authenticating That This Buggy Is
A True Meyers Manx To Show Your friends Or Display At Shows.

The Data Plate Reads:
Meyers Manx
SER. NO. M2493J822S

Serial Number Breakdown.
M = Manx
2493 = Production Number
J = Month Of Production: October
8 = Year Of Production: 1968
22S = Original Body Color: Yuma Yellow

I Feel This Dune Buggy As It Sits Is Close To The Way It Was When It Was Originally Built
With The Exception Of The Paint, Dash And a Few Other Odds and Ins. I Was Going To Finish
Restoring This Buggy And As Far As The Mechanical Part Everything Has Been taken Care Of.
It Has a 1600CC Dual Port VW Engine With Dual Dellorto DRLA Carbs And A Mild Cam That Produces
Plenty Of Power. The Engine Was Rebuilt Approx 1 Year Ago And Runs Great. The Clutch, Pressure
Plate And Throw-out Bearing Was Also Replaced. The 4 Speed Transmission Shifts And Performs
Perfectly. It Has a Hurst Shifter. The Front And Rear Shocks Were Replaced Last Week.
The Front End And Steering Is Tight With No Play It Does Not Drift While Driving Down The Road.
The Buggy Along With The Floor Pans Are Rust Free And It Needs Nothing.

All Of This Being Said All This Rare Buggy Needs Is Cosmetics.
It Still Looks Good And Can Be Driven While Finishing The Restoration.

The Color Is Currently Red With Silver Metal-Flake. The Paint Does Not Look That Bad It Is
Shiney With A Couple Of Chips As Shown In The Last Two Pictures. I was Going To Repaint It
Its Original Rare Color YUMA YELLOW. The Body Is In Excellent Condition With No Cracks In
The Fiberglass. There Is Also No Stress Cracks Visible In The Gell Coat.
The Dash Is Made Of Aluminum. I Feel This May Have Been Built And Installed When The Buggy
Was Originally Built. A New Manx Style Dash Can Be Purchased Online At A Very Decent Price.
The Steering Columum Has Been Upgraded From The Original 65 Model To A Newer Early 70's
Model That Locks Which Is Great To Discourage Theft.
I Was Going To Replace The Seats And Install Indoor Outdoor Carpet. I Was Also Going To
Install A New Chrome Kit On The Motor. Again This Can Be Purchased Here On Ebay At A Very
Good Price. The Chrome Fan Shroud Is In Very Good Condition And Does Not Need Replacing.
The Only Other Things I Can think Of That Needs Replacing Is The VW Tail light Lens And
The Chrome Headlight Cases Also The Exhaust System To Finish Out The Motor.

This Buggy Can Be Restored Cosmetically For Around $2000.00 Including The Paint.
More If You Go Wild With Everything. Less If You Do The Work Yourself.
At This Stage You Can Make This Buggy Your Own And Install Everything That Fits Your
Personality As Far As Color, Wheels, Tires And Accessories While Still Owning An
Original Meyers Manx Dune Buggy

This Buggy Would Make A Great Winter Project For Yourself Or Father Son/Daughter.

As You Are Aware This Is A Very Rare Highly Collectible And Valuable Dune Buggy That Will
Only Increase In Value Over Time Making This A Very Sound Investment.



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