1958 Volkswagen Other Dune Buggy.

Price: US $5,750 .

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EBAY Description:

Meet "ScatCat", my enclosed headlight low profile buggy. This may be an Ocelot (dash is molded into the body - one piece body gives more rigidity and is more aerodynamic). If you've been looking for a"bug eye" instead of a "frog eye", you already know this buggy is a needle in a haystack. Show winner "Most Unique Vehicle". More pictures available. No rust! This is a high quality build but I don't have documentation(otherwise the price would be higher). Most everything is new or rebuilt - too much to list. Mildly built 1776, dual Solex carbs, cam, full chrome kit, remote oil filter so runs cool even on hot summer days. Very strong motor yet delivers up to 30 smiles per gallon on highway. Scat shifter, Centerlines, custom "stinger" Tri-mill exhaust . Comes with black/white striped bikini top; redneck cupholder is extra lol. Fast, handles great, cruises nice and stable on the highway.

I do have receipts for other work I've done such as king pins, alignment, front tires, brakes, wiring, gaskets, cables, shocks, coil, ignition switch, services done, etc. It's the engine/trans work I don't have receipts for. My VW mechanic just replaced the intake gaskets about four weeks ago and he took a compression reading: 145/135/135/150. He says it's a "very strong" motor. Steering linkage all new. New gas tank. New shocks. New front tires.

Just took a little 4 hour trip in it last month and had a blast. Plenty quick off the line and passing cars that are going 60mph is no problem! I think it's got a quick-ratio steering box too but not sure.

I've been finishing/refining my buggy for the last three years to make it as reliable and fun to drive as possilble. If you're new to buggies, believe me - build quality and "finishing" of all the details varies greatly. That said, here are some things on my to-do list: Make the parking brake and wipers operational. These items were never important to me as I don't drive in the rain and it holds just fine in 1st gear. However, trying to make the gas gauge work was never on the list (custom tank); I just look inside it like a motorcycle.

Note: I use this buggy almost daily in the summer and my kids get in an out of it. There are light scratches, there are touched-up places. It's not perfect, it's not in "show condition". That said everyone - including former buggy owners - say it's one of the nicest they've ever seen.

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