1964 Manx Style Dune Buggy.

High Bid $10,000 - reserve not met

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Funnybug sez:

I love when they start with "Here we have".. like it's some kind of side show carny act... and actually, with that shark airbrush job, it just might be..

EBAY Description:

Here we have a Meyers Manx style dune buggy. This is not built on a VW cut frame, this is built on a new square tube frame with a new one piece fiberglass floor and a 185 lb reinforced body. This is not a flimsy body. Very strong. There are no cracks or spiderwebs of any kind on the body. It has a custom paint job with a shark theme with a matching removable hard top. The paint job is a 9.7 out of 10. It has a few chips, nothing noticeable unless you look hard. 275/60R15 tires on the rear and 215/60R15 on the front. 4 Cragar SS wheels. Full front and back bumpers with a 6-point roll cage and knee bar. Tinted front windshield. The vehicle has a Bugpack short throw shifter, a new transmission and a new engine with approximately 3,000 miles. It has side glass wings and mirrors. Stewart Warner gauges (Speedometer, tachometer, fuel, oil, volts, etc.) All gauges work and illuminate. There is a brand new (6 months old) gas tank properly vented with a filter to the engine with no gas smell. Has a new gas float and sending unit. Turn signals work including inside indicators and self cancelling. Wipers work (never used them) Seats 4 and has new seat belts. Has a center support with a bearing for the steering column. Rear LED brake and turn signals with front foglights. It has a roll bar center mounted KDC-348U Kenwood AM/FM CD player with remote with USB Direct Connect for IPOD and IPhone with 4 matching speakers. The engine is a 1600 Dual Port with 3000 miles. No problems at all, runs perfect. Electronic ignition. Chrome Tin Kit and brand new Progressive 2 barrel carburetor. Ceramic exhaust with Bugpack muffler. Has 2 center consoles, 1 front and 1 rear with 2 cup holders each. Emergency brake works. Brand new front disc brakes, rotors, spindles, kingpins, shafts, bearings, seals, calipers, stainless steel brake hoses, master cylinder with reservoir and front shocks. New rear drum brakes and hardware kit. It has a front sway bar and a rear camber compensator bar. All lights work. Horn works. The car needs nothing to drive. To be perfect, car should have left front tire and wheel replaced (see pictures). Previous owner put small chip in rim and tire. Steers and stops straight.

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