1973 VW Dune Buggy - Street Legal - 4 Seater

Winning bid: US $7,500

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EBAY Description:

Awesome Manx style dune buggy for sale. Really turns heads. Great for rides to the beach or the ice cream shop with the kids. Very well built by previous owner. Runs beautifully - starts first try every time. Two bucket seats in front, and one bench seat in back with single lap belt. Will fit 4 adults, or 2 + 3 kids in back. Additional cabin and underbody lighting adds very cool effect at night. Great VW horn.

Car is registered in New Jersey as a 1973 VW and classified as a Collector Vehicle, thus does not require safety inspection. Insured by major insurance carrier - same one who insures my daily drivers.

I've owned this car for 6 years and always keep it in a heated garage. Serviced by local VW specialist who has installed new brakes, shocks, battery and carb and does annual service & check-up. Everything works perfectly except for one of the fog lights that broke. Note that it has no windshield wipers - not a real problem since it's not so much fun in the rain with no top.

Odometer was replaced by previous owner, so mileage shown is not accurate. However, it reads 91,040. This car has never been driven on sand or off road - streets only.

I love this buggy and hate to part with it, but the kids are getting older and we don't use it much anymore.

Item Location: Oceanport, NJ

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