Meyer Manx Style Dune Buggy

Sold For: US $3,500

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Funnybug sez:

I remember the days a good air brush artist could do this

EBAY Description:

This is a 1977 VW 1200cc engine in a Meyer Manx style fiberglass body. Right now it has a nice vinyl wrap on it that I put on for my kids lacrosse league, but you can take it off easily to reveal the blue paint with cool silver accents. It actually looks like you drove the blue dune buggy through wet silver paint. (There is a picture of the blue paint too) It runs perfectly, is street legal and can go 70-80 mile per hour if you want to drive it on the highway. My kids and their friends love it, but they are getting older and so am I. This is a great toy if you want to have fun and watch everyone's head turn when you drive by.

Two bucket seats in front, and one bench seat in back. Will fit 4 adults, or 2 + 3 kids in back. I am not sure of the actual miles because the odometer does not work, but it runs like a top and starts on the first try every time.

Car is registered in New Jersey as a 1977 VW and is 100% street legal. The vehicle is actually located in NC as I moved here a few years ago and really don't drive it any more other than to bring it to lacrosse tournaments, where I actually tow it with a tow bar and lights which go with the buggy.

It is insured by major insurance carrier - same one who insures my regular cars so there is no problem there.

I have owned it for 13 years and I hate to see it go, but we are all getting older and it is time for it to find a new home!

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