Extremely Rare Manx style Bandito dune buggy Restored

Winning bid: US $3,550

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Funnybug sez:

looks like a Kyote to me.


" Rare, Rare , and Rare hard to find Bandito body"

Hello and welcome to my auction. I have here a rare Bandito dune buggy on a shortened 1969 Volkswagen beetle chassis . The body alone unrestored cost me almost $2,000.00 and I have had it painted a beautiful red metallaic paint and custom Volkswagen seats with all custom interior. This little buggy looks beautiful. It was made to drive and is street legal and is made for one thing only "Having Fun". I have a brand new windshield glass yet to put in and the engine and transmission are freshly rebuilt 1600 cc with an Irs transmission. This little buggy is much rarer then the myer manx that you find all over the place. It is made in the back to resemble a 60's model Corvette and in my opinion the neatest front fenders with headlight set back. I own and operate and Volkswagen beetle and super beetle Restoration shop and this was intended for my personal use but due to the economy being slow I'm offering this up. Although I would love to keep and take it down to Pismo beach and have blast. This is a fully ready to go dune buggy . I have the engine already tested and only a few minutes to install. The pictures pretty much show the story and the suspension has all been painted gloss black and looks great.I am going to include low back seats with new seat covers rather then the high back seats that are pictures unless you want the high backs. All lights do work and the only thing that will be needed before pick up is a new set of tires which If you're out of the state I would be more then happy to help with loading and paperwork with shipping company. I want to also make this clear that I am not selling a show car . I am selling a dune buggy that you can enjoy as they should be.



Hello, I guess I did not explain that this has a brand new engine 1600 cc dual port with the type 3 tins so it can fit under the corvette shaped rear. This was allot of work to make this work with out cutting the body and keeping this 100% intact as it was in the 60s and 70s.The engine is completely rebuilt including the case was machined and lined bored . All new barrings on the crankshaft including brand new crankshaft and new brass gear and timing gear was all pressed on and all brand new . The rods have been resized to 025 and all new barrings on the rods and wrist pin barring. Next new lifters ,timing gear , oil pump , push rod tubes , push rods , brand new just out of the box cylinders and pistons and rings and totally rebuilt heads with new valves and crack checked with new valve guides, making this a totally brand new motor and not a cheap rebuild . It has also been cut out for a sand seal so if you want to take it out on the sand or on the beach you're good to go. I have a brand new carburators fresh out of the box and I have been testing the motor on another chassis and it runs excellent. i had a question that someone stated that this looked like a coyote clone and that banditos were normally on full frames and so you guys understand this was just taken off a corvair and the chassis was shortened off a 1969 beetle that comes with a title. This is the real deal and I have searched and its like finding a needle in a haystack to even find a buggy even close to this one..If your located in California any additional fee's required in the state of California are up to you and the state of California but I have a clear California title in hand.This is NOT a Clone and I believe it is from the 1960's as the person I bought this from restored and ran a dune buggy shop in Palm Springs area and he told me personally this was a bandito and not a bandido.Not to be rude to other buggy experts but he had another 20 buggy's that he was working on and quite frankly he knew what he was talking about. This is no clone but regardless I have never seen a cooler buggy ever ! I bought this body about a month ago and paid almost $2,000.00 and I just rebuilt the motor a few days ago and the chassis was just shortened last week and it was painted 2 weeks ago. So I don''t want someone thinking this car has been sitting for many years. Just the oppisite it just receintly got put together. The car is located in Paso Robles, California and is being sold as is and all sales are final.

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