1963 Myers Manx Style Dune Buggy w Factory Newer Engine

Winning bid: US $7,900

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Funnybug sez:

interesting color combination.. maybe a cub scout leader or Sunoco employee?...


Aren't you glad you lost on that last ebay buggy auction that went for over $10K the other day? And that buggy didn't even have a top! This has got to be the cutest buggy on the road! YOU MUST WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW! This Myers Manx style dune buggy turns heads every time it is on the road. I put a new factory motor (not rebuilt) in it in 2005 and I doubt it has 900 miles on it. The speedometer is one of the few items on the buggy I have yet replaced so I do not know the exact mileage, but we've only taken the buggy out for promotional events (we're Realtors), parades, and an occasional Sunday drive to keep the motor in excellent shape. We also happen to have a VW guru mechanic in the area who has done excellent work on replacing the entire braking system and making sure the engine was maintained and the heads properly torqued. I had a masterful marine canvas maker create a custom masterpiece top using the highest quality marine-grade material. The windows have extra zippers so that they can remain in and still be opened or the windows can be removed completely (see video). The back can also be rolled-up. The top drops down and has a matching enclosure for a finished, car-show look! I also bought straight from the Myers Manx factory and installed the new windshield and roll bar for the true authentic Myers Manx classic look. I also replaced the gas tank with a new one when I put the new motor in. Also installed the new carpet kit. The engine has the chrome kit installed and looks and sounds great! The fat chrome wheels are very cool and the CD/Stereo works great! This buggy turns heads at night too with its neon blue ground effects under-carriage lighting! This buggy runs like a top and has amazing acceleration! The only minor things that might need to be done is the speedometer, of course. The battery appears to drain if left connected for a few days. I'm told this is not uncommon and that they even sell a quick battery disconnect on ebay specifically for this reason - I just pull the ground terminal off the battery when I pull into the garage. Very minor things that would take a couple of hours to correct - I just don't have the time and my wife says I have too many toys, hence the reason I'm (very) reluctantly selling this buggy. I won't shed a tear if the LOW reserve price is not met and I get to keep the buggy (at least I can tell her I tried). Clean and clear street-legal title.

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