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Funnybug sez:

I miss mine...


This is one nice buggy! This is a 1970 Deserter GT body by Dearborne on a 1974 VW Beetle pan. A complete restoration was recently done, professional rebuilt motor, new fuel lines, brakes, shocks and instrumentation. It drives beautifully, has great power and is a show stopper and turns heads where ever I go. I will try to break things down to be as complete as possible. There is no issues with this buggy.

The body is a canary yellow, Deserter GT is made by Alex Dearborne Industries is was made between 1969 and 1972. It is in excellent condition with only a few minor superficial lines in the gel coat. These bodies were made from thicker fiberglass which made them more durable. There is no damage to the structure of the body. The paint job was done very well by the previous owner. I would rate this paint job being a 7 with a 10 being show quality. I just painted the inside of the buggy, this summer with top of the line PPG paint. I would rate the interior paint a 10. It contains all new instrumentation which all works. All lights, signals horn, wiper and gauges work as they should. The interior has 2 baja style poly seats on sliders driver and passenger positioning. This buggy also has a rear seat with belts. Seat covers are in excellent shape, I put additional foam in the front seats which make them more comfortable. You could use the back seat for coolers or gear which can be strapped in for security.

This is one sexy buggy. Look at the curved windshield, curved side pods and built in head lights. When is the last time you saw a buggy like that? Look at all the other buggies they are nothing like this one!!

It has a professional fresh engine 1641cc with 3,200 miles on it. It was built by a VW specialist in South Carolina. It has new pistons, jugs and dual carburation. It has two Weber carburetors tuned to the engine that starts first time every time no matter how long it has been sitting. It has new heads with larger valves and a scatt cam and it is a dual port motor.

This is what I want you to read everybody says that VW have oil leaks not this one. It doesn't leak one drop. As I said this motor was built by a professional not some Joe Blow down the street. It has a spin off oil filter, the motor burns clean see pictures and also has an extra oil cooler. She runs cool. Charging is done with a 12 volt generator. It sounds awesome, idles with a little lope sounds just like a Harley. Before I forget, it has a high performance custom heavy duty new trans-axle. Custom gears for more horsepower and cruises unbelievable with empi shifter very tight throw with a great up and down shifting and a clutch like new.

The pan is a 1974 Beetle 84 inches to make sure it can be licensed in all states. All welds were done by professional welder. The pans were cleaned up with no significant rust I painted the pans with marine paint color to look like sand with gold sparkles to give the uniqueness of sand to be more original with the beach theme. The suspension was gone over and I just put soft coil over oil filled shocks which are adjustable. It shifts smoothly and rides like no other buggy I have been in. There are no squeaks or rattles in this buggy. With P/299/50 tires on rear road huggers, I think they are 10 inch. Front tires are 15" x 7" for improved handling and suspension geometry.

I worked in a major car manufacturer for 30 years in body shop. I always wanted a Dune Buggy, however I am sad to say it is time to go due to the fact I just bought a new toy and don't have the room for both Challenger and Buggy. I am willing to answer any questions however I am not interested in any trades.

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