Awesome Dune Buggy!! (Manx Style)

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Funnybug sez:

He's right. This is one nice buggy!


This is one nice buggy! It is a late 60's Sand Shark body by ATV Industries on a 1959 VW beetle pan. I did a complete restoration in 2007, with new rebuilt motor and all new wiring, fuel lines, rear disc brakes, suspension and instrumentation! It drives great, has ample power and turns heads wherever I go! I'll break things down to be complete as possible.

The ONLY issue with this buggy is that the Autometer sending unit float in the stock tanks sticks, and does not register properly on the gauge. Apparently (and not mentioned in the instructions for the sending unit) the float can/should be adjusted so that it slides more freely for irregular angles (such as is required for a highly irregular VW tank!). Now I just look in the hole and put a few bucks in when low.

The body is a yellow Sand Shark model by ATV industries sometime in the mid to late 1960's. It is in very good condition with only a few, very minor and superficial lines in the jell coat. The older bodies were made from thicker fiberglass-making them more durable. Considering these things were the original "off road vehicle" I was surprised to see no damange to it structurally, and that the pait job new to the previous owner was done very well. I would rate the paint about a 7, with 10 being perfect show quality. I made a new dash out of metal, but have the old fiberglass dash-the new one being far superior and it contains all new Autometer instrumentation (fuel level, oil pressure, oil temperature and volt meter). It also has a great 5 1/2" Lunar model tach, and all instrumentation lighting is LED for durability. The dash also includes a great glovebox, big enough to hold bottled water/soda and cameras/wallets. The dash accents are mostly polished stainess steel and some aluminum (around gages). All lights, signals, horn, wipers and gages works as they should. The interior has two baja style poly seats with sliders for driver and passenger positioning. Seat covers are in excellent shape, and there is a rear seat pad for passengers, or so that coolers/gear does not slide around or vibrate. I have more than enough material (included) to make a seat back, if the new owner chooses to add it. There are two hold downs in the back to secure a cooler/gear. 4 point racing seat belts in the front add that rugged/sporty look! The windshield and frame is new with the restoration as well. It also has a custom made, removeable "bimini" style top that comes off with ease-take it with you and "put it up" when you want some shade!

The engine is fresh, 1641 with less than 4,000 miles on it. I had our local VW mechanic build it, with new pistions, jugs and carburation. It has a Webber IDF style EMPI 40 HPMX carburator, tuned to the engine. It has new heads with larger valves and a Scatt cam, two steps above stock. The ignition is digital (no points), and it is a dual port motor. The factory aluminum intake manifolds are polished, and look like chrome. The distributor is also polished, as is the center intake manifold. The engine tins are Scatt gray (powdercoated) for durability and ease of cleaning. It has dual exhaust, with baffles, and is ceramic coated to look like chrome. It has a spin on oil filter, and a stock style German doghouse oil cooler. Charging is done wtih a 12 volt generator and the motor burns clean, with only the traditional oil drips that are "normal". If you have never owned a air cooled VW, this is normal and not an issue. It sounds great, and makes more than adequate power for such a small, light weight vehicle. It idles with a little lope, and has that Harley sound!

The pan is a 1959 beetle, shortened 14.5". The seam was cleaned up and re-welded by a professional welder, as it looked rough when I restored the buggy. The pans were cleaned up, found to have no significant rust, and rhinolined. The suspension was gone through, with new soft oil filled shocks in the front, and coil over adjustable shocks in the rear. The tie rods were replaced, and the kingpins rebuilt. The shift linkage was rebuilt, and the bushing replaced. Any worn or loose mechanical parts were replaced and it rides better than any other buggy I have ridden in. It has a kingpin front end and a swing axle rear. It shifts smoothly and as it should, with no pop-out in any gear, including reverse. All metal (including the frame head) was sanded and painted. Tires and wheels are in excellent shape, with excellent tread on all tires. The buggy comes with additional rear wheels (15"x10") that could be outfitted with more aggressive tread if desired. The front wheels are 15"x7" for improved handling and suspension geometry.

The electrical system was completely installed by me. With years of experience as a car audio and aftermarket parts installer, I designed and made this buggy trouble free and reliable. While the body was off and upside down, I fiberglassed in plastic tubing to keep the wiring for the lights high and dry-well out of the way of tires and potential problems. Every circut is individually fused, and I have never had a problem. Two fuse boxes protect the accessory and battery circuts, individually. A main 30 amp weatherproof fuse protects the whole system. Here is the cool part-if you ever have to remove the body, there are weatherpack connectors to disconnect the body from the pan! Also of interest, if you ever want to "flat tow" the buggy with the included tow bar, there is a 5 round trailer receptacle hidden in the front end of the buggy to controlls the lights! Plug the included harness into your vehicle side trailer receptacle (5 round), the other end into the buggy and you are ready to roll! The tow bar is in great shape, and safety chains and axle straps (to prevent chipping the paint) are included. An electric fuel pump is up front near the tank, and a fuel shut off is at the tank.

I am sad to sell this buggy, but need to do so. I have enjoyed many vacations with this, trailering it to my destination and driving around to see the sights in it. It is very reliable, and draws positive attention wherever I go. I will anwer any questions someone has, but am ABSOLUTELY not interested in trades of any kind. Upon full payment, I will assist with shipping in a reasonable manner. Serious bidders only (history of less than 3-notify me before bidding). A $120 deposit is due at end of auction (or, pay it all!). I will hold the buggy for one week after the auction for pickup arraingements (not much longer than one week if not paid in full). Deposit will be refunded if you can convince me the buggy is not as I have advertised. It is sold "as is". Title is clear, free of leans and in hand. It is registered as an Assembled Vehicle, per state law, not as a Beetle. It is explicitly street legal, with all state laws complied with (VIN, wipers, horn, seperate and mechanical ebrake, etc.). This should make a transfer to your state (if other than Indiana) a cinch. I reserve the right to sell it outside of ebay and close the auction if one of the many tire kickers that have looked at it comes up with my price before the auction closes, but I am not actively trying to sell it now outside of ebay. I encourage you to contact me before bidding if you would like to see the buggy in person. Good luck!

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