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wow.. what a fat ass..

Ebay Description:

This is a father/son project restoration. The paint job is a new one, with big red metalflake, just like these buggies were in the 60’s. The chassis is late 50’s, and it has all new brakes, hydraulics, and lines. All rebuilt steering and joints. The engine is a later dual port, all newly rebuilt and converted to 12 volt, it has the complete chrome air ducting and accessories. Brand new chrome exhaust and a new old stock carburetor. The windshield was missing, so this is a new one. It has nice, comfortable seats with new carpet and a new floor shift. The wheels and tires are not new, they are Cragar SS wheels 10” rear and 6” front, and they show their age when viewed up close, but for a knock-around buggy, they look fine. Wheels and tires seem to be an owner’s choice and could be upgraded easily. The front and rear nerf bar and engine guard are new chrome. All in all a nicely restored buggy and a lot of fun. There are a few things unfinished, including inoperative turn signals and the wipers are unfinished and do not work. The gauges and speedometer are not hooked up either, so lets call this a “nearly” complete restoration. It does, however, start easily, run and idle well, it drives, shifts and stops great, so only small details need to be addressed.

This Dune Buggy is for sale locally, so if you are interested, better bid fast!

Buyer is responsible for pickup in Oklahoma, zip 73521

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