2004 Replica/Kit Makes Dune Buggy

Price: US $8,999

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Funnybug sez:

serious body work..

Ebay Description:

This Vehicle is listed as a Special Construction Vehicle on the Title

Fully Insurable

Front and Back Blinkers

Street Legal

You’re buying a dune buggy that creates "center of attention" moments wherever you go. You won't be able to stop at a red light, pump gas, or go down a street full of pedestrians without getting attention.

I had a load of fun driving this car. So when you place value on this exceptional piece of machinery, remember you’re not just buying the vehicle, you’re buying the experience that comes with the vehicle.

Think of it as a car, that’s also a celebrity.

Over $15,000 put into it, by previous owner. Street Legal, title in hand. Alpine and JL Audio soundsystem, with CD\mp3\Iphone\smartphone capability.

Engine was brand new in 2004 built by ScatVW has less than 2000 miles on it. The speedometer was replaced recently with one from a Volkswagen Van and the mileage on the odometer does not reflect the mileage on the engine. The transmission was rebuilt 8 months ago and has less than 800 miles on it.

This definitely gets all the looks on the beach or cruising down the street. I bought it while I was living in Florida, but now I’m in a New England city and don’t really have a place to keep it or drive it. I want someone to appreciate it. Chameleon paint without that purple color (i hate that purple color). HID lighting kit makes it unmistakable in the dark. Body is fully customized fiberglass, no other kit like this in the world!

The Buggy used to be a Lolette Dune Buggy made in South Africa (google it), Brand New it cost $14,000, then $7000 in customizations were added by the previous owner, including:

•Custom fiberglass body (no other like it)

•Push Button Starting

•Green Accent LED's inside

•New Leather Racing Seats

•Custom Convertible Top (for if you get caught in the rain)

•Flush LED taillights

•HID Headlight Kid Flush with Hood

•JL/Audio and Alpine Soundsystem with Smartphone support so you can blast your music

•Rebuilt Tranny

•Trunk was added where backseat was

•Gas tank relocation

•Shifter Relocation for laid back driving

•New Rims

And more

I don't need to get rid of it, I'm just not able to enjoy it as much as I should and would like someone else to.

Accept Cash or bank check Only in person. Vehicle and title will not change hands until the bank check has cleared.

This Buggy is FULLY Street Legal, I had no problems registering and insuring it in Florida.

Buyer will have to arrange pickup

The body-shell is made from hand laminated glass reinforced polyester resin. The outer “Gelcoat” layer is color impregnated to provide a high gloss UV stable finish. Once cured the body is not thermo-plastic and will last well in high temperature conditions. The advantage of using Glass Reinforced Plastic is its high strength to mass ratio. The complete body shell weighs approx. 55 Kg. The new shell is all fiberglass. Custom shaped fiberglass, not a body kit.

Rigid double beam with independent torsion springs.
Conventional king- and link-pin stub axle attachment.
Ball-joint type tie-rod ends are used.
Steering box – worm and pinion.
Oil filled steering damper.
Oil filled shock absorbers.

Rigid single tube with independent torsion springs.
Swing axle side shafts connected via spring plate to torsion springs.
Oil filled shock absorbers.

Brake drums all round activated by means of a hydraulic master cylinder acting on hydraulic slave cylinders.
Disk brake front brake system available as an option.
Gearbox and Clutch:

Four speed full syncromesh manual gearbox incorporating differential gears.
Conventional cable operated single dry plate clutch.

Cooling method
Air-cooled by means of belt driven high volume fan.
Oil cooled by means of forced airflow through multi-plate oil cooler.
Capacity- 1776cc
Bore- 85.5mm
Stroke- 69mm
Cylinders- 4
Configuration- Horizontally opposed four stroke.
Oil capacity- 2,5 Lit. (without extra cooler or filter.)
Power output- 82 HP at flywheel.
Fuel induction- Mechanical fuel pump feeding single choke down draught carburetor.
Fuel capacity- Approx. 35 Lit
Electrical system:

Charging system- 12 volt 30 Amp generator or 45 Amp alternator

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