1968 VW Manx Style Fun in the Sun Dune Buggy

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Funnybug sez:

babied? with rusty chrome?..

Ebay Description:

Up for auction is one of my favorite toys. A 1968 Manx Style Dune Buggy. This buggy has been in my family for years and babied like a Cadillac. About four years ago we had the buggy repainted with Bright Blue Metal Flake paint, a real head turner. During the time of repainting the buggy was rewired for the lights, turn signals, horn, wipers and radio. The rims have some surface rust on them. The tires have pretty good threads left on each. There is a white canvas top; however we have never had it on, just when stored in the garage. A custom tow bar comes with the buggy for easy pulling or carrying from place to place. There are a few flaws in the buggy which should be point out. Ever since I owned the buggy the speed odometer has never worked. When they repainted the buggy and took off the wheels etc, I was told the cable had broken where it rest inside the tire. A cable was order for replacement, however when it arrived it was way to long and the body shop needed it like yesterday for installation so a new cable was never order.

The buggy can seat four individuals, depending upon the size and one comfort depends greatly on the number in the back seating area. I tired to make close up pictures of details and some can be seen and others not. For example in the interior fender well in the back seating area it appears some of the clear coat paint came off. The blue is still there but the area about the size of a small potato chip in the corner does not have the clear coat. It is not noticeable but I wanted to disclose it.

The buggy is a typical 4 Cylinder, 4 speed manual transmissions I believe it is an 1800 cc engine, but I am no mechanic nor clam to know a lot of engine related features. I know how to put gas and oil in it and drive for fun. I was told by a friend the brakes needed to be bleed and I do notice I have to pump them at times. I am located in South Georgia the car is up for sale locally and can be sold prior to the end of this auction.

The buyer must make a $400 Pay Pal deposit within 48 hours of auction close. The car is sold where is/as is. Buyer must pay the balance in cash US dollars or certified check from a USA bank by end of 7 days after auction end. Car is for sale locally and seller may end auction early if sold or pending.

Please ask questions before you bid and you are welcome to arrange inspection anytime just need to arrange my work schedule to accommodate.

Thanks for looking and if this is not the right buggy for you I am sure you will find one and enjoy all the thrills and pleasures we have had for years.

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