Manx style VW Dune Buggy street legal & 94 wave runner

Sold For: US $7,000

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Funnybug sez:

I'm still undecided on the step bars.

Ebay Description:

I am selling my Meyers Manx style 1979 street legal, VW Fiberglass Dune Buggie. It is a 4 seater ~NICE~. It is titled as a 1979 assembled Roadster (that’s the legal way they should be titled). This is one of the nicest buggies out there and the nicest I have had (I have owned about a dozen of them). I get between 35-40 mpg of gas. Buggy only weighs 1320#'s. It has a trailer hitch on the back w/ wiring for lights to pull the wave runner and all the lights work on the buggy and the wave runner. The motor is a dual carburetor 1600cc VW type 3 engine. Seat belts front and rear (4 passengers). The black top is nearly new at the cost of about $750. The windows are the highest grade plastic and is made up of 5 windows. You can remove both front windows, both rear side windows and or the rear (back) window or all 5 windows and leave just the top on. NEW: rear air shocks, front seat covers, arm rest with storage compartment, antenna, console with cup holders, camoflauge floor mats, chrome carburetor air cleaner pods and turn signal switch are all new. The tires and rims are only 3 years old. I paid $856 for them. The stereo is a JVC with CD player with removable face. I put the stainless steel nerf bars on it. I built 3” x 3/16” angle iron and attached it to the front main beam and rear main beam of the buggies frame. Both of the nerf bars are sturdy enough to stand on while getting in. This buggy also has a heater for when you get cold. Most buggies don’t have that. Tow bar is also included. The buggy always starts the first time and sounds great. Recently my generator stopped charging. It shouldn’t be a big deal but I plan to have it looked at as soon as I can.

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