1964 Manx Meyers Style Dune Buggy

Winning bid: US $4,500.

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pretty color ~ stupid port holes

Ebay Description:

I have this awesome little buggy for sale. It is a Manx Meyers style Beach buggy. It has a 1964 VW beetle motor and chassis. This thing is really fun to drive. It is completely road legal as it has turn signals, headlights, and brake lights. It can also be tagged. No seat belts though. I will start with the motor and chassis. The motor runs great. Starts up every time with no problem. It does sometime sort of flood a little when first started up and take off in first gear. Usually by the time you hit 2nd gear it straightens out. The motor is very tight, no play in it at all. Doesn't use oil and doesn't appear to be leaking much oil. There is usually a very tiny spot in my garage after it has set for a week. IT has brand new front shocks, and a brand new aluminum gas tank specially made for this buggy. Has brand new aluminum wheels and tires as well. I have owned the buggy for about a month now. The previous owner had put the wheels and tires on it and let it set for about a year so they ride a little bouncy at certain speeds due to what i figure is flat spots. Headlights, tail lights all work. The transmission is in great shape. No growling or anything at all. Clutch is in great shape and works great. It is a 4speed with reverse and a low gear. It goes down the highway at 70mpg no problem at all.

The interior.
The seats are in pretty good condition but do show signs of wear. There is a rip on the right of the drivers side seat as pictured. The entire interior after you unbolt the seats can snap out. There is wear from people getting in and out of it on the top of the vinyl where the doors would be, especially on the drivers side as pictured. The rear floor board has the battery under it. The passenger side seat is not adjustable due to battery being behind it. However, if you tilt the rear floorboard up you can move the drivers side seat back a lot. I am 6'2 210lbs and have no problem fitting and driving this comfortably. It does have a brand new vinyl top specially made for it as well. It snaps on and slides into a groove in the front. Has little door inserts but I have no idea how to put them in and they are not brand new like the top. The top can be totally removed or folded down. I left the top on in all but one of the pictures as it is very tight since it is new and kind of hard to put completely on. It isn't stretched out yet and is very tight. The dash is fiberglass. It does have a beetle gauge cluster. The spedo works properly and it tells you which turn signal you have on but the gas hand is NOT hooked up. Carpet inside it is in pretty good shape.

Paint and Body.
The paint on this buggy is really what sets it off. It is a Purplish Silver HEAVY metal flake. Very heavy metal flake kind of like a bass boat. It really glitters in the sun light and under street lights at night. I will try and get a pic of metal flake. It does have a few scratches as it is an older paint job and a driver. A few small scratches on the back left fender, not very noticeable. and a few right under each headlight that can't hardly see at all. Also has a small scratch around the gas cap area. I will try and get pics of these. These are the only flaws I have noticed but this is not a trailer queen so may one or two more but not big at all. The windshield is GLASS and windshield wipers do work, and have 3 settings. Also you can see where they cut into the windshield frame a little to put on the side mirrors. The rear view mirror has come unglued and needs reinstalled.

This little buggy is tons of fun to cruise around in. I have been using it as a daily driver since I have had it with no problems at all. We go to cruise ins with it and it is very popular, specially among kids. They love having their picture taken with it. It isn't just perfect show quality, but for one of these buggys I wouldn't be scared to show it at all in small local shows. Not perfect but a lot of fun. You are encouraged to come check it out if you are local. Alabama does not title vehicles this old but I do have several tag receipts and a bill of sale that will get you a title in your state if that's what the require. Sold As-Is. Full payment to be received 3 days from end of sale via cash or possible band transfer if you are not able to make it to pick up buggy in 3 days. Deposit of 500$ to be made within 24hrs of sale end. No shipping, pick up only. If you have a shipper come get it that is fine.


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