1972 VW Dune Buggy Restored

US $5,000
Reserve price not met.

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Funnybug sez:

more pics woulda been nice

Ebay Description:

1972 VW Dune Buggy 90% restored ! the buggy runs and drives great ! Complete restoration almost complete ! Almost every part is new !

The Good :
Restored manx fiberglass body with electric lime green metallic paint !
Floor pans cut out and replaced with diamond plate so they will never rust and look awesome !
New seats and brackets with 4 point harnesses !
New rear seat !
New diamond plate dash with headlight switch and three auxillary switches, as well as horn and new gas gauge !
New Steering wheel !
New brakes and brake lines !
New plastic fuel tank and rubber lines that will never rust !
New electric fuel pump so you dont have to worry about the mechanical pump diaphragm going out !
New fuel pressure regulator !
New wiring harness throughout entire buggy !
New chrome 100 watt headlights !
New led flush mount tail lights and rear turn signals !
New top mount front turn signals !
New clutch and throttle cable !
Frame and interior treated with rubber truck bed coating for rust protection !
New windshield !
New rear air ride adjustable height shocks ! ( can raise and lower the rear to create a raked look! )
1600cc single port engine !

The Bad :
needs new turn signal switch ( $12)
needs new throttle pedal (one on it works just rusty and does not go all the way down, ive been driving it with this pedal for over a year ! $34)
needs new tires ($398)
wheels needs to be sanded
doesnt need one as of now but I always recomend oil change with 20w50 and fresh tune up for the summer !
I have the roll bar and front bumber they just need to be installed

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