Street Legal Hobo T Dune Buggy

Open bid: US $8,000
Reserve price not met.

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Funnybug sez:

The acronym "HoBo" originates back to the great depression and is short for 'HOmeward BOund"

Ebay Description:

Street Legal Dunebuggy, 2 seater, 64 VW Hobo T Kit Car with aluminum spindel mount front wheels, 295-50 Rear tires, 1915 CC Engine, Electronic distributor, dual webber carburetors, dual oil filters with oil cooler, mufflers on headers, 388 gear transmission, coil over shocks, 6 point roll cage, 3 point seatbelts, SCAT dragfast shifter, lock out reverse, hydraulic clutch, disc brakes, working speedometer, tachometer, street legal, licensed and insured, and a 4 speed manual transmission, has new seatbelts, new battery. Needs no extra work, road ready

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