1966 (Boss Bug) Dune Buggy

Winning bid: US $3,160.

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Funnybug sez:

some of the most poorly executed modifications I have ever seen on a classic dune buggy

Ebay Description:

FIRST OF ALL - DO NOT BID IF YOU CAN NOT BUY - YOU ARE NOT BIDDING TO LOOK OR KICK THE TIRES!! YOU ARE BIDDING TO BUY!! I am not trying to be mean, but bidding on eBay and winning an auction is an agreement to buy, not look. If you want to look come before bidding. With all of that said, what we have is a 1960's style dune buggy. It was insured as a 1966 VW Buggy. I don't know who made it, it is cool looking. It will run, bug has some issue were is skips and shuts off after running. I am not a VW mechanic and we don't have one here where I live. The brakes are soft also. So I am selling it AS-IS. I believe it is an electrical issue, but not sure. If you are a bug guy, you can probally figure it out quickly. It has almost new tires and is pretty tight otherwise. I don't need it so it is for sale to the highest bidder with no reserve. It has a tow bar with a 17/8 hitch.

Questions and answers about this item

Q: Does this bug come with a title or bill of sale? Thanks
A: It will come with a bill of sale. Thanks, Robert

Q: Is this vehicle street legal? I didn't see a place for a plate on it.
A: It is street legal, the tag bracket is center above the engine. Thanks, Robert.

Apr 28, 2011
Q: Hi, If i set it up could this be shipped?
A: No problem. Thanks, Robert

Apr 27, 2011
Q: Just an FYI. I believe the body is a Boss Bug manufactured in Pittsburgh in the late 80's and early 90"s.
A: Thanks for the info. I will post. Robert

Apr 26, 2011
Q: Hello, How is the floor? any rust? Any issues with the trans? Thanks Tom
A: Everything appears solid and it shifts good. Thanks, Robert

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