Manx Style Fiberglass Dune Buggy

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Funnybug sez:

looks like it was painted with Christmas candy

Ebay Description:

This auction is for a Sand Shark fiberglass dune buggy that is painted in House of Kolor Pagan Gold candy over metal flake. The dune buggy is in excellent, running, driving condition and is dependable enough to be used as a daily driver if you lived somewhere it doesn't rain. This was a project for me that started in the spring of 2010 and I had it licensed and ready to drive in a Christmas parade in November of 2010. I do all of my own fiberglass work, fabrication, engine work and paint / body. I'm an engineer by trade and do not do this for a living, but I love car projects and love old VWs. I tried to build this dune buggy as an early 60's model and retain the original seats and not use anything modern looking.

The front seats are early 60's VW with aftermarket seat covers. The seats have a recline adjustment and are adjustable front and rear. The rear seat was fabricated out of plywood, painted, covered with foam and aftermarket VW rear seat upholstery was used to wrap the plywood. The shifter is a Hurst shifter and shift ball from a Mustang that was fabricated to fit the original VW shifter.

The speedometer is from an early 60's VW and is in very good condition for it's age. All internal lights in the speedometer function to include, signal flasher, brights indicator, ilumination, oil pressure idiot light and alternator idiot light. The speedometer itself also works well. The steering wheel is an aftermarket 61 VW wheel with a new aftermarket early 60's turn signal mechanism that automatically cancels itself. The horn functions by pressing the chrome handle on the bottom half of the steering wheel. I fabricated the dash out of steel and tried to keep it very minimalist with only the speedometer, a VW light switch and an ignition switch. There is no radio in the dune buggy. All of the wiring in the car is new and neatly tucked away.

The fuel tank is located in the front and was purchased new last summer. The fuel line is new. There is a stainless flip top fuel fill on the hood of the car. The front windshield is safety glass and in good shape. There is a very small crack in the lower passenger side of the windshield that was there when I installed it and hasn't migrated or grown and is in a position where I don't think it can grow anymore. Someone must have dropped it on that corner at one time.

The wheels have the wide five bolt pattern for the old VW look and the drum brakes have all new hardware, brake drums, hard lines, rubber lines, master cylinder and wheel cylinders and work like they should. Brake and clutch pedal assembly is stock VW with VW rubber covers. The accelerator pedal is also stock VW. The headlights are halogen with stainless housings and the turn signal indicators are installed inside the headlights. The tail lights are also stainless with glass domes.

The engine looks very stock and clean and runs excellent. A compression test yielded 135 to 140 psi on all four cylinders and a leak down test yielded 8 to 10% on all four cylinders. The engine does not smoke or burn oil and is a stock 1600cc dual port engine. The engine has twin dellorto 36mm carburetors that were completely rebuilt last month and re-jetted. The engine runs very good, starts easy and will do a little over 70mph on the highway. The transmission has a new German finger style pressure plate and throw out bearing with a new VW clutch disc. The transmission shifts well and doesn't slip out of any gears on acceleration or deceleration.

The wheels are Empi chrome wide five wheels and the tires are Cooper Cobras that are like new. The suspension on the car is setup to give it a level ride height. The transaxle is a swing axle style and functions very well. The front suspension is the early 60's kingpin style. The dune buggy has all new shocks. The chassis is all original VW from a 1961 Volkswagen Beetle and is in excellent condition with no rust holes. The carpet is modern marine style carpet and is very neatly done.

The dune buggy comes with a Missouri title and the description on the title is a 1961 Volkswagen Dune Buggy with the VIN number that is located on the dune buggy's frame. The dune buggy is currently tagged in Missouri and has passed a Missouri safety inspection. I drive the dune buggy on a regular basis and it is very reliable.

I've done my best to describe all of the details of this dune buggy, but please feel free to ask questions if you need to know anything else. I've been burned on some Ebay car deals in the past and don't want you to experience the same thing. Therefore in the next paragraph I am going to nitpick the dune buggy and let you know all of the imperfections that I can think of.

The paint is not perfect, but it is very high quality urethane base/clear paint and a lot of prep went into the dune buggy. I am not a professional painter, but have painted a couple of cars and a few boats previously. The biggest disappointment with the paint job is that there are tiny gnats (bugs) that got into the paint when I shot the clear coat. When you run your hand over the paint in some places it is rough because of the bugs in the paint. I have not wet sanded the paint and it would be smooth if it was wet sanded an buffed, but if you looked closely you would still be able to see the bugs in the paint. The paint still pops and looks very bright and shiny as you can see in the pictures. I just don't want you to think it is a $6000 paint job done by a professional. There is a small paint chip just above the steering column. I scratched the paint when I was installing the steering column. Again, the paint is not as perfect as it looks in the pictures, but I do get a lot of compliments on the paint so it's not too bad.

Another issue is that you can smell fuel when driving the car. The fuel tank is vented through the flip top fuel fill. The original VW fuel vent and fuel fill location on the tank were welded shut. I think there are probably tiny leaks in the welds that are causing the fuel smell while driving. I'm not going to lie; it is a pretty big pain to take off the hood of the car to access the fuel tank. If it wasn't such a paint I would have already done it and fixed the problem.

There is a small cut in the top of the driver's side seat caused by the wires in the seat frame. This happened shortly after I installed the new upholstery and isn't a real big deal, it's just not perfect and show car quality.

I always take it easy downshifting into third and second or the gears will grind. I'm not sure if this is a normal VW thing or if the synchronizers are worn. I just want to mention it so when you are power down shifting while setting up for a tight corner you won't be surprised when the transmission talks back to you. I already mentioned the crack in the corner of the windshield, but thought I would mention it again down here.

This is a great little dune buggy that is a blast to drive and always gets looks wherever it goes. I will miss it dearly, but I'm in a tight spot and need the money. Thanks for looking! If you are not going to do a local pickup of the dune buggy you are responsible for arranging shipping. I am willing to assist by dropping off the vehicle at a shipping location if it's at a reasonable distance, but I won't find the shipper and set up the deal.

Thanks for looking!

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