1993 Street Legal Classic VW-based Dune Buggy

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Up for sale is "The Mountain Mercedes," a 1993 custom-built VW-based dune buggy, purple in color w/black rollbar. 1993 is the year the vehicle was built. There's lots of pipe-frame sand rails out there, and even more of those new high-performance 4-seater golf-cart looking ATVs, but a classic VW-based dune buggy like this one is hard to come by. This one's been a gem to own and ride! We are the second owners, and have had the vehicle since 1997. Vehicle has an air-cooled 4 cylinder VW Beetle engine, 2 barrel carbuerator, 4 speed manual transmission. - the engine's original build year and size is unknown, but is at least 1200cc, as this was the minimum size of the Volkswagon Beetle engine. Runs on regular unleaded gasoline. This vehicle has been well-cared for, maintained annually. Engine was tuned this year, vehicle runs great, battery is new. Vehicle has nearly always been used off-road in southern Utah at about 8000 ft above sea level. Vehicle is street legal and registration is current in the state of Utah. Title is clear.

4 cylinder engine
2 barrel carbuerator
4-speed foot clutch-operated manual transmission w/reverse
Rear wheel drive
Black roll bar
Front & rear bumpers
Oversize knobby rear tires
wired for stereo / CD player (speakers missing)
windshield wipers
Fuel gauge (does not work)
Oil pressure gauge
Odometer (80,688 miles)
turn signals
tail lights
Overhead spotlights (operated with separate switch from headlights)
Battery start
Operates on regular gasoline, motor oil, and other "normal car fluids" you'd find at the store
Awesome exhaust note (translation: louder than any Harley)
Tow hitch

Let us be very clear about this point - this is a custom-built vehicle in working order sold as-is - no refunds! It's primary use has been off-road or on primitive roads in and around Dixie National Forest, Utah, so don't expect it to win any beauty contests but it will entertain you immensely on the trail. Exterior has numerous scratches, paint peel, etc. Seats are in good condition, no serious cuts or cracks. Windshield has scratches but no cracks. Suspension and handling are competent. Tires have legal tread but are not brand new. All lights and features listed above are in working order, except for the fuel gauge, which is broken as indicated above. EXHAUST IS VERY LOUD!!! Dudes on Road Kings will plug their ears when YOU roll by!

Finally, although the vehicle has been legally registered in Utah for the entire period of our ownership, we do not guarantee it will pass inspection in any other states. Please consult your DMV's rules and regulations for registering custom-built vehicles before purchase.

If you're someone who likes to tinker as well as hit the trail, this is the vehicle for you. In fact, that's why we're selling it. After over 14 years of nonstop fun, we find that our main problem is upkeep - as you might expect with a custom vehicle that's nearly 20 years old, there's always something to work on after the ride is over. Trouble is, we don't know that much about fixing cars, and paying a mechanic to figure it out gets pricey. That said, we've always paid the price.

We're happy to answer any questions you may have and/or arrange viewings locally prior to auction close for serious inquiries only, but due to noise restrictions and speed limits we'll be unable to accommodate requests for test drives. Enjoy bidding on this unique vehicle that will surely put a smile on your face and turn heads wherever you go!

Thanks for looking!

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