1968 Empi Sportster Metal Kit Car

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Funnybug sez:

cool , huh?


Ebay Description:

1968 Empi Sportster Metal Kit Car. The body is built by the Empi VW parts manufacture. The pan and running gear is a 1968 VW bug. The motor has been replaced with a rebuilt 1600 VW motor. It has a regular 4 speed transmission. The rebuilt motor was installed 3 years ago and has about 700 miles on it. The car itself has 61,940 miles on it. The car is painted red, white and blue, has new tires and i just spent $700.00 on 12/20/2010 on the following: Full tune up, points, condenser, wires, plugs, valve adjustment, rebuilt carburetor, new exhaust, new fuel line, fuel filter, new clutch, clutch plate and cable. It comes with it's own tow bar for towing, which is included in the price.

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